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How to Use VidCruiter Lite
With ADP Workforce Now®

These FAQ's and troubleshooting guide will help you get up and running quickly.

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When an interview is scheduled in ADP Workforce Now®, all interviewers and applicants will receive a unique link via email inviting them to attend at a specific date and time.

Duplicate Link Error

Duplicate Link Error

This message will appear if a participant is trying to use the same interview link in multiple browsers or on multiple devices at the same time:

To fix this, the participant needs to close the interview in the other windows or devices and refresh. Sometimes Internet Explorer opens by default which causes this issue.

Browser Best Practices

Supported Browsers:

Live Video on Desktop

  • Google Chrome (latest release version) *Recommended
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest release version)
  • Safari 11+
  • Edge Chromium 79+ *non-Chromium versions unsupported

Live Video on Mobile - Android Devices

  • Google Chrome 65+ (latest release version) *Recommended
  • Mozilla Firefox 44+ (latest release version) *Recommended

Live Video on Mobile - iOS Devices

  • Apple Safari 12.1+ (latest release version) *Recommended

Server Connection Errors & Firewalls:

If you are using a supported browser but fail to connect to our servers, you may be on a network behind firewalls which block access to our servers. In this case, reach out to for guidance.

Browser Alerts

What to Do Before Your Video Interview

No one wants to run the risk of technical difficulties during a video interview. We recommend you perform a quick Tech Check prior to beginning your interview (ideally, well in advance of the start time). Our diagnostic test is easy and free.

What we do during the Tech Check

Computer Stack IconConnectivity to our video servers

Devices IconHardware and software setup
(Camera, Microphone, Browser)

Wifi IconConnection speed and quailty

Support Team IconAny problems detected will generate a report to help our team assist you

Joining Your Video Interviews

Simply click on the link with the email you received when the interview was first scheduled. This takes you to a digital interview prep area where you'll set up your camera and microphone.

Click the Link in your Email

Note: When applicants click on their link, they will be taken into a virtual waiting room. You'll connect with them by granting them access to the interview only when you're ready

ADP Workforce Now® users can also join directly from the candidate's profile in ADP Workforce Now®. After the interview is scheduled, simply click the 'Actions' button for the relevant interview. Then, click on 'Join Meeting'.

Join Meeting from ADP Workforce Now®

Setting Up Your Audio and Video

Once you've joined the video interview, a pop-up will appear asking for permission to use your microphone and camera. Click Allow.

Microphone setup
Camera Setup

Make sure the video and audio sliders are toggled to the green/on position

Select the appropriate source in the dropdown menu. You may choose to use your computer's microphone, webcam, and speakers, or you may select a headset connected to your computer.

Once you can see and hear yourself, click "Join with these settings."

What You'll See Onscreen Before Applicants Arrive

Now you've entered the video interview and applicants are waiting in the virtual lobby.

As participants join the interview, you'll see a popup with their name, as well as a stoplight color indicator showing their status:

On the call

Waiting to be granted access

No longer on the call
Menu Icon

Hamburger Menu

This is where you (and applicants) may share screens if you'd like. This is also where you'll find dial-in instructions. A toll free 1-800 number and secure PIN are included if interview participants do not have internet, or if they simply choose to dial in by phone.

People Icon


This is where you will grant access to applicants when you're ready to begin the interview. It's also where you may invite guests to join the interview. To do this, simply click on the + button.

Notes Icon


This is where you, other interviewers and guests may take written notes. This feature is incredibly useful, allowing you to timestamp notable moments within interviews (if you choose a package with recording) that can trigger your memory later on.

People Icon


Here you can communicate privately with other interviewers, chat publicly with candidates, and/or upload files if necessary.

People Icon


Add identifying tags to applicants such as "bilingual" or "management potential."

Conducting Your Video Interview

When all the interviewers are ready to begin the interview, click the green "Grant Access" button under applicants' name(s) within the People tab. At the end of the interview (or sooner, if needed), you can remove applicants from the digital interviewing room by clicking on "Revoke Access" in the same tab.

Here's what you can expect to see when your interview starts:

Conducting your video interviewing

Along the bottom of the screen, you'll also notice a menu:

Toolbar Menu

Change your mic input.


If you have multiple cameras, change them here.


See a list of all participants, mute any participant, or unsubscribe from participant video streams.


Get assistance if you need it.

For Mobile Users

Mobile Users Flip Camera

Since the platform is optimized for mobile recruiting, those who join using a mobile device such as their phone will also see another button (a rectangle made of arrows beside a camera icon). Simply tap this button to flip your camera.

Switching Video Modes

There are three view modes for you to choose from. The difference lies in the way participants are displayed on the screen.

Change Interview Mode
  • Check mark icon 1-1 Mode (default) - On the interviewer(s) screen(s), the applicant appears in a large image on top. Interviewer(s) appear in smaller image(s) at the bottom. On the applicant screen, the interviewer(s) appear in a large upper image, while they appear in a small image on the bottom.
  • Check mark icon Interview Mode - Make the applicant the large image on both the interviewer screen and applicant screen.
  • Check mark icon Conference Mode - Show all people in the same size box.

Interviewers can easily switch between these view modes so they can better see participants. Applicants do not have this option. Keep in mind that changing your interview mode changes the screen orientation for all participants (not just you).

Ending the Interview

When you're ready to end the interview for applicants, wrap up the conversation and click "Revoke Access" to remove them from the digital interview room. A common practice is for interviewers to debrief after access to applicants has been revoked. This way you can privately discuss what happened in the interview while it's still top of mind.

Leaving the Interview
Applicant Support Window

Applicant Support

If your applicants need assistance as part of their video interview, they can access help by:

How to View Your Recordings

If the ADP Workforce Now® client chose a VidCruiter Lite package with recordings included, they will be able to access those recordings directly in ADP Workforce Now®. 10 minutes after the interview is scheduled to start, VidCruiter will export the Shareable Profile link to ADP Workforce Now®. The recordings can be retrieved by accessing the candidate's profile in ADP Workforce Now®, clicking on "Actions" → "View Feedback".

View Feedback in ADP Workforce Now®

Then, choose "Video Recording".

Interview Feedback Video Recording

This will direct the user to login through ADP's SSO to access the VidCruiter Shareable Profile.

Vidcruiter Shareable Profile
VidCruiter Lite Logo

Want to Level Up Your Video Interviewing?

VidCruiter Lite is seamlessly integrated into the ADP Workforce Now® software. It's been stripped of some of the product's powerful features to help people ease into video interviewing. We encourage you to explore its full potential with these optional add-on features.

Upgrade Options

Structure Interview Guides

Structured Interview Guides

Collaborating as a team and minimizing hiring bias are two hugely important (but often underappreciated) aspects of interviewing. Streamline everyone's opinions and ratings by embedding standardized questions and uniform rating guides, creating a fair interviewing experience for all.

Custom Branding

Custom Branding

Apply a custom skin to the virtual interview background. This allows you to proudly showcase your organization's brand and make a good first impression with candidates.

Waiting Rooms

Engaging Waiting Rooms

We can help you create a welcoming and interactive virtual waiting room for job applicants before they're admitted to your video interview. Choose to include elements of your brand, images, and even videos to engage candidates while they wait.

Upgrade to Custom Branding

Interested in upgrading?
email us at

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