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Recruiting Best Practices to Propel Your Hiring Efforts

Case Studies

School District Fills 100% of Positions with Help from VidCruiter

Twin Rivers Unified School District is a large district in California with 52 schools. They were facing multiple hiring challenges, including a competitive job market, dozens of job openings, and a small recruitment team.

How Kaw Valley Greenhouses Grows Its Staff During Peak Season

Kaw Valley Greenhouses hires more than 500 seasonal employees each year. VidCruiter’s online recruitment software has eliminated the frustration of interview no-shows—and accelerated their average application-to-hire time from 1-3 weeks to 1-3 days! Find out how in this case study.

100s of Workers Recruited to Fight COVID-19 in Baltimore

To contain the spread of COVID-19 and address the needs of vulnerable residents, Baltimore Health Corps embarked on a time-sensitive recruitment project to hire 300-400 trusted community members within just a few months.

Recruitment Agency Saves 50,000 Pounds, Quadruples Video Profiles

Based in London, England, GradBay is a recruitment agency specializing in pairing university graduates with growing UK businesses. They work with hundreds of clients and have managed nearly 1,000 placements in just over a year—despite having a small team of five people.

Medavie Blue Cross Saves ~1,000 Hours Per Year

The insurance company needed a secure solution to expedite their reference checking process. Learn how they're hiring 600 people annually and improving the quality of those hires—without all the reference chasing.

Isaac Operations Digitizes Its Recruitment Methods

Within a three month period, Isaac’s recruitment team typically receives around 1,500 applications. They wanted a more efficient way to conduct pre-employment tests and screen candidates. Find out how they're saving ~125 hours each fall with VidCruiter.

BioScript Establishes Innovative Hiring Practices

BioScript Solutions, a pharmaceutical distributor and nationwide network of clinics and pharmacies, needed better recruitment tools. VidCruiter’s online hiring software helped the TA team overcome timezone and scheduling challenges, speeding up their hiring by 33% while minimizing reference chasing and manual tasks.


The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Video Interview Provider

Do you need to transition to remote recruitment, but you're not sure where to start? In this practical guide, we go over everything you need to know when shopping for a provider.

Save Time & Headspace

Reclaim your workday! By modernizing your hiring strategy, you can free up valuable time—without compromising your high standards.

Save Money on Hiring Expenses

Here’s the bottom line: employees are a company’s most important asset. When you’re looking for new employees to join your team, keeping recruitment costs low is important. But saving money shouldn’t come at a cost of quality or speed.

Save the Environment

Remote recruitment helps protect our planet by minimizing paper waste and harmful emissions from energy-intensive flights. Learn how to incorporate sustainability into your hiring strategy.

How to Transition to Remote Hiring

This step-by-step guide will help you successfully navigate each step of moving your hiring process online.

Video Interviewing

The State of Recruitment

What does 2021 hold for the future of recruiting? Virtual interviewing, online hiring, virtual job fairs and greater emphasis on diversity & inclusion are some top themes.

The Value of Knockout Questions

Knockout questions act as a gatekeeper, “knocking out” (or pre-filtering) candidates who don’t meet the minimum requirements for a job.

Using Video for More Engaging, Predictive Interview Questions

Posing your questions through video helps personalize the virtual interviewing experience, so it feels friendlier and more representative of your company culture. Here's how to improve the candidate experience, promote your organization, and predict how applicants would perform on the job.

Types of Hiring Biases and How to Reduce Them

Hiring bias can be either conscious or unconscious, but either way, it’s bad for business. Bias leads to recruiters passing over high-potential candidates.

Understanding Live Video Interviews

VidCruiter’s professional recruitment platform takes video conferencing freebies to the next level. Discover how to interview candidates face-to-face even at a distance, so you can transcend geographical barriers to hire top talent anywhere on earth.

The World's Most Convenient Interviewing Option

Pre-recorded video interviews allow candidates to record answers to your questions at their convenience, and you review the recorded responses whenever you have time.

What Are Digital Interviews?

Digital interviews are more popular, convenient, and necessary than ever. Learn the many benefits of digitizing your recruitment process and get answers to FAQs.


Law Firms

How to Hire for Your Legal Office

Law is a wide-ranging sector that employs all kinds of professionals including lawyers, paralegals, solicitors, barristers, law clerks, arbitrators, notaries, legal assistants and more.


Recruiting Teachers within Your School District

The educators you choose to employ have a ripple effect. Their teachings impact and influence those who learn from them, and later those learn from their students as well. To build a bright future, it’s so important to hire good teachers.


How to Ace Your First Digital Interview

For over 10 years, we've worked with thousands of candidates as they prepared for virtual meetings with prospective employers. Here's absolutely everything you need to know to set yourself up for success.

Popular Interview Questions

What are the most common video interview questions? This compilation gives you a sneak peek into what you may be asked, as well as tips to best answer the questions

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