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Digital Structured Interviews

Confidently provide a fair and equal candidate experience to help identify the right person for the role.

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Top talent moves forward with data-driven decisions

Increase the predictive validity of your next hire by up to 65%.

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A compliant and accountable hiring processes

Centralized information helps hiring managers conduct compliant interviews.

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A fair and equitable candidate experience

Mitigate hiring bias with an equal interview and evaluation process.

Increase the predictive validity of your next hire by up to 65%

Confidently find the right hire by basing your decision on objective evaluations, not subjective instincts.

  • Our structured interview approach allows for an easy and equal comparison of all applicants
  • Built-in rating guides allow hiring managers to accurately rate responses in real-time
  • Evaluate every candidate using a standardized rating scale to easily tabulate results
Increase Predictive Validity by 65%
Tools that make your hiring process easier

Easy-to-use tools to stay accountable and compliant

Set hiring managers up for success by automatically providing them with all the tools they need to conduct a compliant interview.

  • Upload hundreds of your pre-existing HR-vetted questions onto our platform for hiring managers to use
  • Keep hiring managers accountable with completion tracking and automatic reminders, updated in your applicant tracking system
  • Audit hiring manager’s ratings with recorded interviews to ensure the rating standards and criteria are being upheld

Ensure every candidate has an equal opportunity to be hired

Mitigate hiring biases by providing every candidate with a fair and comparable hiring experience.

  • All candidates get an equal interview experience – the same questions asked with the same amount of time given
  • Each interviewer submits their ratings separately to mitigate bias and influence
  • Interviews can be recorded and reviewed by a diversified panel
Automated communication reminders
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"It’s important to us that every candidate goes through the same process, and that they’re evaluated apples-to-apples. It’s a requirement to give everyone the same consideration."

Daniel Palmer



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How does a structured interview work?

Structured interviews allow for an apples-to-apples comparison of all candidates when evaluating their answers, making it far easier and fairer to identify the right hire for your team.

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Same interview length

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Equal difficulty level

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Identical questions asked

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Diversified panel

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Transparent reporting

The most effective hiring practice, backed by years of research

Structured interviewing gives you the best predictive indicators of a good hire.

Hiring Practices backed by research


VidCruiter offers a variety of pre-built and custom integrations to seamlessly exist alongside your current software.

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Make it easier to fairly evaluate every candidate