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Guides and Questions

Make the right hiring decisions with a structured interview methodology


Evaluate candidates based on role-specific core competencies


Mitigate the potential for unconscious bias with pre-interview sign-offs

Mitigate hiring bias with built-in, ready to use tools

Ensure compliance at scale with structured interview guides and interview questions for all interview formats.

  • Standardize interview questions and rating guides across your hiring team for consistency
  • Create a list of uniform questions and associated ratings to ensure equitable hiring practices
  • Increase the predictive validity of your hires through objective evaluations
How to mitigate hiring bias
Match your requirements with core competencies

Maintain interview consistency and compliance

Standardize your interview process in accordance with organizational policies and frameworks.

  • Leverage the same structured interview questions and guides across live video, in-person, and pre-recorded video interviews
  • Standardized rating scales facilitate equal comparisons and objective evaluations across candidates
  • Select pre-set questions for HR to vet and save as future interview templates
  • Allow managers to participate in core competency selection and evaluation based on their knowledge of the role and their teams
  • Recorded interviews and stored ratings enable audits to verify internal policies and frameworks are being upheld

Incorporate DEI frameworks

Maintain interviewer objectivity across evaluations by using standardized rating criteria across all interviews

  • Remind interviewers to acknowledge unconscious bias and sign off before every evaluation
  • Focus interviews on job-specific competencies associated with the role to provide an equal assessment
  • Manage the potential for bias and groupthink by having interviewers submit their candidate ratings individually
  • Templated interview guides and associated ratings make it easy to diversify your panel of interviewers
  • Provide an inclusive candidate experience with configurable, built-in accommodation tools and a platform that meets WCAG 2.1 AA requirements
Be compliant with reminders and reporting
Match your requirements with core competencies

Keep hiring managers accountable

Make it easy for your team to maintain a compliant interview process with automated notifications and transparent reporting.

  • Ensure interview compliance throughout all interview stages (phone interview, skills testing, pre-recorded and live video interviews, and in-person interviews) and for every type of role (retail manager, executive, licensed professional)
  • Send hiring managers tailored, automatic notifications to complete interview ratings
  • Continue to notify individual managers until all interview ratings are complete, or based on a pre-set number of reminders
  • Set custom deadlines for each open position
  • Review individual hiring manager productivity and performance through reporting stored in the platform

Maintain compliance throughout the entire hiring process with VidCruiter’s product suite

VidCruiter Suite VidCruiter Suite

VidCruiter keeps you compliant with:


Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs


US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Ensure interview compliance across all your hiring managers.