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Mobile-Friendly Hiring Software

  very day, job seekers choose not to apply to an open position for the sole reason that it’s too much of a hassle to submit an application from their mobile device. Almost every adult (and many teens) now own a smartphone, and most use it more than a computer these days, especially when it comes […]

Recruitment Tools

No matter what your job is, occasionally there will be distractions or unproductive moments. These aren’t usually a big deal, you can grab your lunch or take a quick break then get back on track, but sometimes these moments are caused by something more serious than a lack of caffeine. Not using the right tools […]

Jokes to tell recruiters

One of the best ways to break up a workday and get your coworkers laughing is by telling a good, corny, or punny joke. With April Fools’ Day coming up, now is the best time to get your colleagues in a humorous mood. Many people associate April Fools’ Day with pranks, but those can quickly […]

Digital age of recruiting

The human resource technology industry is moving fast. It seems like every few weeks there’s a new system or resource created to help recruiters hire great employees. It can sometimes be a bit overwhelming how much new tech is being marketed towards HR professionals, but there are some advancements which have helped improve the hiring […]

Women in HR

omen play a dominant role in human resources, making up about 75% of employees in the industry. That said, the number of women in the technology industry is severely lacking with less than 20% of people in the tech industry being women. While this is a problem the tech industry is working on, HR tech […]

VidCruiter is celebrating the success one of our clients had using our recruitment software, receiving an Innovation in Recruitment Award as a result. The United Nations Development Programme received the honor at the 15th annual Career Development Roundtable of International Organizations. The event was held in early December of 2018 in Lisbon.       […]

VidCruiter has been honored by the Canadian Forces Liaison Council for supporting the Canadian Armed Forces – Reserve Force. VidCruiter was announced as the winner of the CFLC’s award “Best Practices in Employer Support: Private Sector” at the ceremony held at the Government House in Fredericton, NB. The award recognizes outstanding support of reservists by […]

e live in an era where we’re constantly on the internet, either by using our smartphones or in front of a computer. As a result, human resource professionals have a wide range of resources at their fingertips at all times. For those who want to stay ahead of new recruitment or industry trends, checking blogs […]

Dear Outdated Recruitment Process, I can’t remember a time in my life when you weren’t around, and it’s hard to imagine a future without you. Times are changing, though, and I need to move on to something new. You have helped me find great employees, people who have thrived in this organization and are staying […]

Recruiter Looking at Paperwork

Now that Thanksgiving has officially come and gone, recruiters and candidates alike are reducing their efforts and creating an unnecessary hiring freeze at companies. Part of the reason why this happens is because there are many misconceptions about hiring during December, including recruiters assuming people are too busy to apply for open positions and applicants […]

  Human resource management is a very complicated field, with HR managers have to deal with real emotions, which can be overwhelming at times. Not only are they responsible for hiring and keeping employees, but also to ensure they remain loyal, productive, and motivated. It can be a very difficult job, facing obstacles in workplace […]

VidCruiter CEO Sean Fahey put all the cards on the table while talking about the company’s growth with journalist Peter Moreira. Moreira wrote about VidCruiter’s growth expectations and how the company hopes of reaching the triple-digit growth goal in a column published in The Chronicle Herald, a daily newspaper based in Halifax, NS, and in […]

Adobe sign

VidCruiter is officially a part of the Adobe Exchange Marketplace showcasing its integration with Adobe Sign. VidCruiter, a technology company which specializes in recruitment software, has now officially partnered with Adobe Sign. By adding Adobe Sign to VidCruiter’s onboarding product, the company has provided clients an easier way to get applicant signatures on important documents. […]

Confused on what company to pick from, Vidcruiter, Hirevue, Rivs, Montage, Spark Hire, Wepow

Video interviewing is still a relatively new concept in the HR space. Hiring teams first started leveraging this technology in the early 2000s, and from there, what started off as an innovative solution a specific problem, has evolved into a thriving and competitive industry. Nowadays, the consumer has more options than ever before when it […]

HR Tech Conference Banner

The HR Tech Conference 2018 will take place between the 11th and 14th of September this year in Las Vegas. With more than 5,000 attendees expected, it’s the world’s largest HR tech conference, and this year, some of the most well-known names in the industry are expected to be a part of the 22-year-old conference. […]

HR tech expo

While women largely make up the workforce in the human resources industry, that is not the case when talking about HR technology development. In fact, a 2017 article from WorkForce states 73% of HR managers are female, compared to only 27% of the IT industry being women. These numbers to get better each year, but […]

VidCruiter has been recognized as a game changer in the HR industry for its innovative, cutting-edge technology that simplifies all hiring needs. After studying all the beneficial VidCruiter features, and its client’s perception about our product, business software experts from FinancesOnline certified us with their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018. The […]


VidCruiter, a Moncton-based video interviewing software company, is among 30 finalists for the 2018 New Brunswick Export Awards. The awards represent excellence in international exports from New Brunswick businesses. With 90 percent of VidCruiter’s products sold outside Canada, CEO Sean Fahey said he’s proud to be able to represent New Brunswick on a global scale. “To […]

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