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Interested in Applying for a Job at VidCruiter?

Follow these steps to land your dream career

We’re glad you’re interested in working for VidCruiter!

You are about to begin your digital job application, which is all done within our safe and secure virtual hiring platform. Each and every step of this process includes structured interview questions and rating guides. This helps keep the hiring process fair for all applicants.

As an employer of choice, VidCruiter aims to be welcoming and transparent in our candidate selection process. By learning what’s to come, you can properly prepare, alleviate interview nerves, and increase your chances of landing the job.

Chapter 1: What to Do Before You Apply

Thanks for your interest in working at VidCruiter!

Here are some recommended action items you may want to consider before proceeding.

About You icon

We want to learn more about you, and we assume you want to learn more about us, too. Check out VidCruiter’s About Us page, read our blog, and check out our social media channels to gain a sense of our brand, our business, and our people.

Revisit your resume. Fact check everything, update any pertinent information, and ensure your resume is professional and ATS-friendly. We use an Applicant Tracking Software (or, ATS) to help filter job applicants. Read our modern resume tips to learn more.

linkedin laptop icon

Once you’ve got your resume in good shape, you’ll want to update your LinkedIn profile to match. As part of the pre-screening process, we’ll ask you to share a link to your LinkedIn profile. Make sure it presents you in the best light.

review questions icon

Review the most popular video interviewing questions. Reflect on what you can bring to the role for which you’re applying, and the company as a whole.

Enjoy this process, and trust that it works! After all, you’re applying for a position with an employer that specializes in hiring. We use our own software throughout the recruitment process, so as an applicant, you’re getting a sneak peek into our products and what we do best: find great employees!

Chapter 2: An Important Note About How You’ll Be Evaluated

VidCruiter is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We denounce hiring bias, and we aim to build a diverse workforce of top talent worldwide.

All candidates are treated equally because that’s built into our process. Our hiring team follows a rigid structured digital interviewing process at each and every online hiring step. This is a scientifically-backed recruitment best practice that provides a fair experience for all applicants.

Fair Hiring Guarantee

We ask the same questions, in the same order, in the same way, to all applicants. This way, we minimize the chances of anyone being given an unfair advantage or preferential treatment. This structure allows us to make an apples-to-apples comparison of candidates and find the right fit for open positions.

By principle, we do not use any artificial intelligence (A.I.) in our software or recruiting process.

All employment decisions are based on merit, performance, and business needs.

Chapter 3: Applying for a Job Online

Ready to take the leap and apply to work with us? Let’s do it.

VidCruiter’s recruitment process is 100% digital and very user-friendly. It consists of several online steps that you’ll follow in sequence. Everything takes place in our own platform, and it’s tailored to make sure you have the best possible experience.
We’ll communicate with you every step of the way.

First, visit our career page for a list of exciting employment opportunities. See something you’re interested in? Simply click on a position name to learn more. At the bottom of each job posting, you’ll see an Apply Now button. Click that to proceed.

Naturally, in order to process your application, we’ll need some basic personal information such as your name and email address.

You’ll be asked to upload your resume/CV, and you have the option of uploading another supporting document (such as a cover letter). Then you’ll read (and must agree to) VidCruiter’s terms of use and privacy policy.

Next, you’ll be asked some other pre-screening questions, which vary depending on the job for which you’ve applied. Any questions noted with an asterisk are mandatory. Answer each of the questions on your own time, then submit your application to our recruitment team.

thats it icon

That’s it!Give yourself a pat on the back. We’ll send you an email with next steps.

Chapter 4: Acing Your Skills Test

Sometimes we’ll ask pre-screened candidates to take an online skills test.

The nature of the test largely depends on the type of role for which you’re applying.

Common Types of Skills Tests:

  • Written Language Proficiency Test
  • Audio/Visual Comprehension Test
  • Math Test
  • Attention to Detail Test
  • Prioritization Test
  • Technical Proficiency Test
  • Typing Speed Test
  • Safety/Security Test
  • RFP Simulation
  • Hypothetical Situational Questions
gauge illustration

If you’re asked to complete a pre-employment skill test, please know that it will directly relate to the position for which you’ve applied. Our goal here is to test relevant competencies, the things you likely already know because you see yourself as a good fit for the position.

Chapter 5: Answering Recorded Video Questions

If you’re selected for an interview, you’ll receive an invitation email from us. It contains a unique, secure link that you’ll click when you’re ready.

We typically start with a pre-recorded video interview. You’re on your own for this one. But that’s not to say you’re not supported (we’ve got your back with 24/7 tech support)!

What we mean is that this is a one-way video interview. There won’t be another person joining on the other end. Instead, you’ll record yourself answering our questions whenever is most convenient, on whatever device you’d like, wherever is most comfortable for you. This provides total flexibility for our valued applicants.

pre recorded interview

How pre-recorded interviews are asked:

At this stage, we’re just trying to get to know you as a person. We’re seeking to understand your background, personality, and appetite for working at VidCruiter. This is your chance to tell us your story!

The amount of time you have to think about your answer and record your response will depend on the question being asked. Sometimes you will be able to re-record your answer, but other times you may only have one attempt to do so. This is why it’s so important to read the instructions.

  • Sometimes you may be asked written questions.
  • Other times you may be asked to watch recorded videos or situational questions.
  • You may even hear from our employees themselves! Real members of our team may ask recorded questions, giving you insight into who you’d be working alongside and what life’s like at VidCruiter.
Fair Hiring Guarantee

No matter what way the interview questions are asked, please be reassured that you’re being evaluat ed in the exact same way as all other applicants. Our recruitment software includes standardized, built-in rating guides that are purposefully designed to minimize hiring bias.

As many as four people will watch and rate your videos, including members of our senior leadership team. This is an advantageous opportunity that candidates are rarely given at such an early stage of the recruitment process. Involving multiple people at all levels of our organization also helps ensure we provide an impartial assessment.

You’ll be evaluated based on competency-based metrics, and recruiters’ scores are automatically tallied in your applicant profile. This helps protect you against conformity bias (when people change their rating to align with the majority).

Before Your Interview

Since the backbone of VidCruiter’s digital interview process is video, we recommend learning as much as you can about video interview etiquette and best practices before moving forward. This ultimate guide has absolutely everything you need to set the scene so you’re ready to go on screen.

Ensure you have the most up-to-date version of your internet browser before you begin your interview. The most reliable browsers to use are Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

It’s helpful to conduct a pre-interview diagnostic tech check to make sure your equipment is working as it should. This free tool tests your video connectivity, internet speed, camera, and microphone, so you can be assured we’ll be able to see and hear you.

Relax! It’s just you and the camera. Take a deep breath and answer each question, following the instructions on screen. Feel free to do the interview whenever you’d like—no need to take off time from work or interrupt family time. You can literally record your answers day or night, whenever you’re ready.

Chapter 6: Scheduling & Completing Your Live Video Interview(s)

If you’re asked to meet for a real-time interview, you’re one step closer to scoring a job at VidCruiter! You’re doing great.

Your second video interview is a face-to-face interview that occurs at a pre-set meeting time. It’s like a video call you’d have with a friend or family member, only it’s more formal so you should be more professional.

Live video interviews can take one of three forms:

One-on-one illustration

(just you and one interviewer)

panel interview illustration

Panel interviews
(you and two or more interviewers)

group interviewing illustration

Group interviews
(you, one or more applicant + one or more interviewers)

Fair Hiring Guarantee

Regardless of the interview form, remember: you’re being evaluated equally by real people. There’s no creepy facial recognition technology analyzing your every move on camera. We’re humans who want you to succeed!

All of our hiring managers genuinely care about our commitment to providing a fair, positive candidate experience for all. Each of us rely on standardized digital interview questions and relevant rating rubrics to safeguard our process against unconscious bias.

Scheduling Your Video Interview

Since this type of interview takes place at a mutually-convenient time, the first step is scheduling it. You’ll be sent an email invitation with a link where you can view open time slots in the interviewer(s) schedule(s).

Take a look at the calendar, and simply select a time when you’ll be available to meet. Everyone participating in the call will be notified of the interview booking, and reminded of it as the time approached.

Scheduling Your Video interview Illustration

Joining Your Video Interview

First, we recommend performing a quick tech check so you’re confident your equipment works. Then, a few minutes before your agreed upon interview time, simply click on the link with the email you received when the interview was first scheduled. This takes you to a digital interview prep area where you’ll set up your camera and microphone.

A pop-up will appear asking for permission to use your microphone and camera. Click Allow.

Make sure the video and audio sliders are toggled to the green/on position. Then, select your audio source from the dropdown menu. You may choose to use your computer’s microphone, webcam, and speakers, or you may select a headset connected to your computer.

Once you can see and hear yourself, click “Join with these settings.”

You’ll then enter a virtual waiting room. An interviewer will grant you access when they’re ready to begin.

Here’s what you can expect to see during your video interview:

Example of VidCruiters Live Video Interviewing Software

Along the bottom of the screen, you’ll also notice a menu:

Live VIdeo Interviewing Menu
Microphone Icon

Microphone – Change your mic input.

Camera Icon

Camera – If you have multiple cameras, change them here.

Participants Icon

Participants – See a list of all participants, mute any participant, or unsubscribe from participant video streams.

Support Icon

Support – Get assistance if you need it.

For Mobile Users

VidCruiter’s online hiring platform is optimized for mobile recruiting—but it doesn’t require any special app downloads. Simply click on the interview invitation link in your email to join using your mobile device. On mobile, you’ll also see a rectangle made of arrows beside the camera icon. Tap this button to flip your camera, if needed.

Technical Difficulties?

If you encounter any trouble during your video interview, remember the tech check. If that doesn’t solve your issue, contact our friendly applicant support team! We’re available through chat, email, or by phone. We’re here for you day and night.

Chat, Email, and Phone Icons

Other Interviews

Depending on the job competition, there may be a third interview. During this last interview, you’ll meet face-to-face with the hiring manager for an in-depth evaluation of your skills, knowledge, and job suitability.

This will likely be a virtual interview, although occasionally we do meet in-person with local candidates. That said, we hire people worldwide; an in-person interview is not a requirement for most jobs. Our hiring team can achieve a similar assessment of job applicants with our sophisticated online tools.

Recruiting your Refrences

Chapter 7: Recruiting Your References

Congrats! You’ve made it through to the final round of our hiring process. You’re a finalist for good reason. But still, sometimes we like to recruit other people’s opinions of you.

During the "reference check" stage, you’ll be promoted to provide a short work history, as well as enter the names and email addresses of one (or more) reference.

Your reference(s) will receive our questions via email, and they can answer these at a time that’s most convenient for them. All answers are kept private and confidential, so you will not know what references said about you unless you speak with them outside of our secure platform.

Automated reminders will be emailed to remind your reference(s) to complete any necessary steps. It’s all baked into our recruitment software.

Communication About Hiring Decisions Illustration

Chapter 8: Communication About Hiring Decisions

Now comes the trickiest part for VidCruiter’s recruitment team: arriving at a hiring consensus! So many talented people apply to work for our organization, it’s tough to pick just one. Please know if you are not selected, you very well could’ve been a close second.

Our timelines change. Sometimes you will see things going very quickly and sometimes steps take weeks. A lot of it depends on the role you’ve applied for and the urgency to fill the position. That said, we make every effort to send you the most up-to-date information and keep you informed throughout the hiring process.

That’s everything you need to know to proceed with confidence.

Go ahead! We encourage you to check out our careers page and apply today.

We look forward to the possibility of working with you!

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