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Significantly save time screening high volumes of applicants

Enlightened profiles

Ensure a fair and equal admissions process with standardized interviews

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Confidently select the top applicants with deeper, data-driven insights

Reduce screening time without compromising your admissions process

Significantly reduce the time and resources required by using video interviewing and workflow automation.

  • Applicants video record answers to preset questions allowing you to screen on-demand
  • Keep reviewers on track with automatic reminders to complete evaluations
  • Automatically share real-time availability and empower applicants to choose their interview time
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Minimize unconcious bias by using VidCruiter

Ensure an equitable admissions process

Minimize the risk of unconcious bias by standardizing your evaluations.

  • Use our structured interview methodology and guides to give all students an equal and comparable admissions experience
  • Ensure panels evaluate to the same criteria with a built-in structured rating guide and a common rating scale
  • View both individual and aggregate scoring of applicants for deeper insights and compliance
  • Offer built-in interview accommodation tools based on individual student needs

Understand applicants better than ever before

Uncover your applicants’ true potential beyond their application and test results.

  • Get to know the student behind the application with video interviewing
  • Use an extensive variety of built-in or customized assessments to test specific skills
  • View comprehensive applicant data based on all results, feedback, and activity for holistic decision-making
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Choose your preferred interview, from 1:1s to MMIs

Leverage a variety of interview formats throughout the admissions process depending on your programs’ needs.

One-on-one interviewing

One-on-one interviewing

In-person interviewing

In-person interviewing

Panel interviewing

Panel interviewing

Group interviewing

Group interviewing

MMI interviewing

MMI interviewing

Virtual events

Virtual events

Hybrid interviewing

Hybrid interviewing

Video proctoring

Video proctoring

Ensure your candidates have an accessible interview

Every applicant is provided with access to fair treatment and equal employment opportunities. The VidCruiter platform is compatible with all screen readers and allows candidates to opt-in to utilize accessibility features.

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We understand your admissions process

Joel D

"The spontaneity of the video interview provides a layer of information that is not always apparent in the rehearsed written application."




VidCruiter can manage the enrollment process for all levels of education, working with over 100 schools globally.
We can help you navigate a complex processes – from planning to implementation.

Optimize your admissions process with VidCruiter

Learn more about the top VidCruiter products enrollment teams use in their admissions process.

Pre-recorded video interviewing

Pre-recorded video interviewing

Get the most convenient and cost-effective interviewing method. Replace time-consuming phone screenings with deeper insights into applicants from day one.

In-person or live video interviews

In-person or live video interviews

Easily create a consistent interview process to ensure the top applicants are moving forward. Utilize the same easy-to-use rating software whether you’re interviewing in-person or via live video.

Skills assessment


Gain a better understanding of applicants’ skill sets by watching them undertake assessments in real-time or by recording them to watch back at your convenience.

Carms ebook

Enriching Medical Program Evaluations Using Pre-Recorded Interviewing

Discover the impact of pre-recorded interviewing as an evaluation tools for admissions. Find out how pre-recorded interviewing can increase the number of applicants you can interview, and elevate the quality of evaluations, while also guaranteeing fairness and inclusivity for all candidates.

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