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An automated interview scheduler built for corporate hiring. Automatically share ideal availability and send email/SMS notifications.

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Automatically share real-time availability

Integrate multiple calendars and interviewer rules to show ideal timeslots.


Get more efficient, flexible interviewing

Create a better process for all by allowing candidates to pick their interview time and type.


Keep everyone accountable with timely reminders

Send interview materials via automated SMS/email notifications.

Share ideal interview times, without any work

Save 100s of hours with calendar integrations and configurable availability windows.

  • Hiring managers or coordinators can pre-set availability blocks based on interview format and hiring stage
  • Enterprise-wide real-time calendar syncing saves the whole organization time
  • Advanced interview rules ensure other conditions are met to show availability
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One-click scheduling

One-click scheduling gives candidates the ultimate convenience

Allow candidates to interview at their best by empowering them to choose the time and even the type of interview.

  • Improve the candidate experience with branded scheduling pages
  • Offer the flexibility of interview format – choose from video or in-person interviews
  • Show timeslots based on interviewer availability and by interview format
  • Send automatic notifications to both candidates and interviewers

100% hassle-free rescheduling

Decrease the risk of ghosting or drop-offs by making it easy to reschedule.

  • Make it easy for hiring managers and candidates to reschedule through an embedded link in the meeting invite
  • Easily configure candidates’ ability to reschedule, how many times, and how close to the interview
  • Send automatic rescheduling notifications to both candidates and interviewers
Hassle-free Rescheduling
Streamline communications

Streamline communications to keep everyone on-track

Automatically send pre-interview and follow-up communications via SMS and email notifications.

  • Keep hiring managers accountable with interview and rating reminders
  • Reduce no-shows by sending timely SMS notifications to candidates
  • Send reminders to candidates who didn’t complete their interview booking
  • Share attachments based on interview type such as digital interview guides or directions to an in-person interview

Smart scheduling tools to help you work smarter

Modernize the hiring process through scheduling tools that elevate the scheduling process.

  • Alleviate time difference confusion with timezone automation
  • Engage candidates with customized scheduling pages using branded video and text
  • Choose to manually schedule meetings but enjoy the benefits of automated notifications and workflows.
  • Seamlessly schedule interviews for a hybrid workflow, with attendees joining by video, phone, and in-person.
Smart scheduling tools

Schedule any interview, from 1:1s to panel

Our interview scheduling software works seamlessly with any interview format.

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One-on-one interviewing

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In-person interviewing

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Panel interviewing

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Group interviewing

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Virtual hiring events

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Hybrid interviewing

Buyers guide

Round robin interviewing

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Proctored assessments

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MMI interviewing

Advanced scheduling software built for enterprise

We know scheduling is more than sharing availability. Easily manage all interviews from a single dashboard and set specific interviewer parameters.

Interview Scheduling for Enterprise
Carolyn Barbuto

"VidCruiter’s automated scheduling supports our complex recruitment process and makes it easier for our hiring team to interview and rate hundreds of candidates in real-time."

Carolyn Barbuto




Great news, VidCruiter works with the tools you already use. Seamlessly enhance your hiring workflow with our pre-built and custom integrations.

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Automatically schedule interviews with your video conferencing tool directly from VidCruiter.

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Top features of our online interview scheduler

We’re always adding new features to optimize your interviewing.

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On-demand candidate scheduling

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Automated reminders & notifications

Realtime calendar

Real-time calendar updating

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Enable candidates to choose interview format

Reduce ghosting and remove admin work with VidCruiter’s interview scheduling software