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Hourly workers are in strong demand – stand out from the competition with a hiring journey that’s built around the candidate

Quick retail hiring using VidCruiter

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Engage candidates with an adaptive hiring process that caters to them

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Simple application process to increase candidate volume

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Candidate-focused hiring journey to reduce drop-off

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Give Hiring managers tools to help with compliance

Get qualified applicants interviewing faster

When you make it easy to apply, you’ll see a drastic increase in applications.

  • Enable applicants to quickly apply from their mobile – no resume required
  • Ask only the questions you need with no mandatory fields
  • Send qualified applicants straight to the interview stage, keeping them moving forward and engaged
Applicants will interview quicker when it's easy to apply
Allowing applicants to select their interview style increases completion rates

Improve completion rates by empowering candidates

Give candidates the hiring journey they’re looking for and get a higher completion rate.

  • Allow candidates to choose their interviewing style from in-person, live video, or pre-recorded interviewing
  • Give the flexibility of when and where candidates interview with automated self-scheduling
  • Automatically send candidates SMS/email interview reminders to reduce drop-off

Give managers a simple solution to recruit new hires

Keep the hiring process as streamlined as possible to help busy hiring managers stay on-track and compliant.

  • Hiring managers can review candidates from their mobile– no logging in required
  • One-click dashboard allows a quick glance at upcoming interviews and candidate information
  • Automatic reminders to complete evaluations keep hiring managers organized
Manager overview of applicant profiles and scoring

Amplify your completion rates with applicant empowerment

Our software allows candidates to take control of their applicant journey.

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Optional resume attachment allows for a fast, mobile-friendly application process

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Flexible workflow allows candidates to choose when and how they interview

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Our 24/7 support team quickly solves applicant tech issues

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“We can review more applicants in a day than we ever could before. This has saved us both time and money, and allowed us to really personalize the experience.”




Enable candidates to interview on their terms, live and in-person or at any time and from any device.

Empower candidates with a personalized hiring process

The candidates have spoken – they’re happier with choice.

Personalized hiring experience empoweres applicants

Optimize your recruitment solution with VidCruiter

Here are the top three products retail and hospitality teams use in their hiring process.

Applicant tracking system

Applicant tracking system

Power up your recruiting efforts with data-driven results and seamless workflow automation to easily track, manage and hire your candidates using VidCruiter’s Applicant Tracking System.

Automated scheduling


Hiring managers and recruiters can sync up their calendars to share their real-time availability, allowing candidates to choose an interview time at their convenience.

In-person or virtual interviews

In-person or
virtual interviews

Create a consistent interview process complete with our easy-to-use rating software whether you’re interviewing in-person, via live video or you’re watching a pre-recorded video interview.


Revolutionize your recruitment process with VidCruiter

Get more applications with higher completion rates to keep your business fully staffed.