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By utilizing pre-recorded video interviews, recruiters and hiring managers will be able to spend a majority of their time with qualified candidates.

VidCruiter’s pre-recorded video interviewing software improves the efficiency of any recruitment process by enabling hiring teams to screen applicants in a fraction of the time it takes to schedule and conduct either phone or in-person interviews.

Time Zones Become Irrelevant

Coordinating an interview with someone in a different time zone can be difficult. With VidCruiter, candidates from anywhere in the world record their answers on their own time. Therefore, your hiring team doesn’t need to worry about getting up early or staying late to interview a remote candidate.

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Eliminate Candidate No-shows

Having candidates not show up for an interview is one of the most frustrating time wasters for a recruiter. With pre-recorded video interviewing, applicants conduct the interview on their own time, and your hiring team reviews the responses at their convenience. Since the interview doesn’t have to be completed at a specific time, your team no longer has to worry about candidates not arriving.


Allow Applicants to Re-Record or Record Under Pressure

VidCruiter’s pre-recorded video interviewing gives recruiters the option to allow applicants to re-record their answers, get one shot, or a combination of both. The amount of pressure can be customized for each question, meaning the platform can meet the needs of any position.

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VidResponse mobile app

Mobile-Friendly Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

With the VidResponse mobile application, applicants can complete their pre-recorded video interview from a tablet or mobile device with ease. The free app provides applicants with the best possible experience from their Android or iOS devices.



Rate Video Responses using your Customized Scales

Take pre-recorded video interviewing to the next level by combining it with VidCrutier’s Structured Digital Interviews. Your hiring team can score and rate an applicant’s responses using a digital version of your organization’s interview guides. You can customize the rating scales on a per question basis, and then the system will store and calculate the scores of each reviewer. This process allows your team to objectively assess candidates based on a standard set of criteria.

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multiple interview questions

Ask as Many Questions as You Need

Get all of the information you need about a candidate without having to follow up or conduct multiple interviews. There’s no limit on the number of questions you can ask during a pre-recorded video interview. Also, you can save a set of questions as a template, making it easier to set up future asynchronous video interviews.


Showcase Your Corporate Culture

Using video-based instead of text-based questions is a great way to make the asynchronous video interview process more engaging for applicants. Adding a message from upper management or a testimonial video from an employee allows your organization to share its culture, illustrate the work environment, and set clear expectations for your potential applicants.

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Never Forget to Ask an Important Question

During an interview, it can be easy for an interviewer to forget to ask an important question. With pre-recorded video interviews, you set everything up in advance, and the system asks every candidate the same set of questions. You no longer have to worry about following up with candidates to collect information that was missed during an interview.


Candidates Prefer Video over Phone Interviews

Coordinating schedules and manually conducting screening interviews with multiple applicants can drag out your application process and annoy candidates. Instead of dealing with these hassles, candidates can focus on completing their video interview from a comfortable location when they are fully prepared to highlight their qualifications.

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More Video Interviewing Options

VidCruiter offers more than just pre-recorded video interviewing software. Our live video interview product will give you even more flexibility in your hiring process.


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