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Conduct Live Video Interviews Online Anytime, Anywhere

VidCruiter’s live video interviewing platform, VidLiveInterviewing, allows your hiring team to conduct face-to-face interviews with candidates at any time from anywhere in the world.

Conducting a live video interview gives your team the same experience of an in-person interview without the hassle of coordinating a time when everyone can be in the same location. The platform not only reduces costs by eliminating travel, but it also gives your team additional tools to help them make better hiring decisions.

Utilize the Most Advanced Video Technology

VidCruiter uses the most advanced technology for live communications. WebRTC is 6X faster than other services and offers the best quality and value in the industry.

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Involve Multiple Interviewers at Once

Having input from multiple team members results in a better assessment of each candidate. With VidCruiter’s live video interviewing platform, interviewers can use the device of their choice to join from anywhere in the world, making it even easier to get more valuable feedback for each candidate. If a team member is unable to join in real-time, they can also watch the recording and provide their feedback after the live video interview is completed.

Includes Your Interview Scripts and Rating Guides

Make the live video interviewing platform even more powerful by adding in VidCruiter’s Structured Digital Interviews. During a live video interview, your team will have access to the built-in digital versions of your organization’s interview scripts and rating guides. It will not only ensure that interviewers ask every question, but it also enables them to rate the candidate’s responses. All of the input from the interviewers is saved in the system, and the candidate’s scores are automatically calculated, allowing you to quickly identify the top candidates.

No Software or Training Necessary

VidCruiter’s live video interviewing platform doesn’t require a participant to download any special software to join an interview from their computer or laptop. At the scheduled time, participants simply need to click on the unique link that they received in their invitation and they will be ready to go.

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Mobile-Friendly Live Video Interviews

With the VidLive mobile application, applicants and interviewers can join the live video interview from the tablet or mobile device of their choice. The free app is available for iOS and Android devices to give all participants a seamless interview experience.

Automatically or Manually Schedule Your Live Video Interviews

With VidCruiter’s Interview Scheduling tool, a live interview can automatically be scheduled. The system also gives you the option to manually schedule a live video interview in case you need to set one up on the spot.

Talk for as Long as You Want

There are no time restrictions, so you can take the time you need to cover all your questions without feeling rushed.

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Private Chat During an Interview

Do you ever wish that you could discuss a candidate’s response with your colleagues during an interview? The private chat feature brings a new dimension to interviewing that allows your team to coordinate and discuss things, such as when to probe further on a response, in real-time.

Share Your Screen

During a live video interview, your webcam doesn’t always provide your candidates with all the necessary information. If your interviewers need to share additional information with a candidate, they can use the built-in screen sharing feature. Websites, presentations, documents, images, code review, or anything you need can easily be shared, making your live video interviews even more dynamic and interactive.

Great for Video Conferencing

Not only do VidCruiter clients use the live video interviewing platform to interview their candidates, but they also use the platform as a video conferencing solution. The system makes it quick and easy to set up a video conference among your team members regardless of their location.

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Screen Your Applicants Before a Live Video Interview

Not only will video interviewing help you conveniently connect with qualified candidates, but it can also help you efficiently screen your applicant pool as well. VidCruiter’s pre-recorded video interviewing software, VidInterviewing, is one of the most effective ways for your team to filter through applications and quickly identify the candidates that you want to meet face-to-face.

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“We liked that you could do multi-party video conferences in the system and record them (useful for video interviews where hiring managers are in different offices). Videos can be recorded on PC or on mobile, which was key for us with so many people using their mobile devices nowadays. There is also a built-in calendar integration that allows for automated scheduling and allows you to see the times you and other users have free on your calendar (we use Outlook/Office 365).”

Steve Krell

Director of Operations
Tri Star Sports and Entertainment

“Overall, this is a good product. As far as video interviewing software goes, I understand that its the most user-friendly in the industry.”

Cyndi Phipps-Roman

Oregon Health Authority

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Take Advantage of These Other Great Features to Get the Most out of Your Live Video Interviewing Experience.

By automatically scheduling your live video interviews, VidCruiter’s interview scheduling tool makes the video interviewing process even more convenient.

Interviewing a candidate will only provide you with certain information, so VidCruiter also offers a completely customizable skills testing platform to help you further assess a candidate’s fit.

VidCruiter’s automated reference checking solution is the easiest way to verify the information that a candidate shared during their live video interview.

Utilize VidCruiter’s onboarding software to get the new candidate that you found via live video interviewing ready and trained in no time.

VidCruiter’s recruitment software consists of a full suite of products designed to provide you with countless additional ways to optimize your recruitment process beyond live video interviewing.