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VidCruiter offers two types of video interviewing software to ensure that your organization can optimize any part of their recruitment process.

Both of VidCruiter’s video interviewing solutions are completely customizable and were designed to meet the unique needs of any recruitment scenario faced by any type or size of organization around the world.


VidCruiter’s asynchronous or pre-recorded video interviewing software that provides organizations with one of the most efficient methods for screening candidates. VidInterviewing is most commonly used to help filter through large applicant pools and often replaces phone or in-person interviews earlier in the recruitment process.

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VidCruiter’s complete live video interviewing software that provides organizations with the most cost-effective way of interviewing candidates in real-time. VidLiveInterviewing is most commonly used as a convenient replacement for an in-person interview especially when scheduling and conducting it would be a time-consuming and expensive process.

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Watch or Rewatch an Interview Whenever, Wherever

VidCruiter’s video interviewing software records all interviews, meaning you can refer back to them at any time. The video is automatically saved in the candidate’s profile and can always be shared with hiring managers or other relevant parties. If someone was unable to attend a live video interview or conference, they could watch the recording on any device.

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Reduce Costs and Time to Hire While Recruiting Qualified Candidates Globally

By doing a video interview, you can eliminate expensive flights and other costs associated with bringing people in or going to meet with potential candidates in-person. Not needing to travel or spend time coordinating in-person interviews will significantly reduce your time to hire. Video interviewing also enables you to connect with applicants from around the world, meaning you’ll never miss out on finding a qualified candidate.

Time Savings from Conducting Video Interviews

Multiple Candidates Ready for Their Video Interview

As Many Interviews as you Need With No Delays

Your organization may need to conduct interviews with multiple candidates at the same time. The VidCruiter platform will automatically scale to accommodate any number of simultaneous interviews without affecting the user experience. Bandwidth capabilities were kept in mind while building the system so that thousands of interviews for various organizations worldwide could happen simultaneously without concern.

Your Company Branding on Display

With other video interviewing options, your applicants will see their logo instead of yours. Not only can this distract your applicants, it also gives them an unprofessional experience with your organization. With VidCruiter, everything that the applicant sees is completely branded for your organization, not ours. Your branding will be prominently displayed throughout the video interview to ensure that your applicants have the positive and professional experience they expect.

Video Interview Platform with Company Branding

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A Candidate Completing a Video Interview on a Mobile Device

Mobile Friendly Video Interviewing

Mobile applications are available for both iOS and Android devices to allow both interviewers and candidates to have a seamless video interview experience with their mobile device. The VidCruiter platform was also optimized for tablets, which gives your team the option to review and evaluate candidates on the go.

Safe and Secure Information

At VidCruiter, the security of your video interview data is a top priority. We securely host all of your information in the cloud on your behalf. Your organization owns all of the data, and we keep it for as long as you wish.

Keeping video interview safe and secure

Data Hosting Internationally with Video Interviewing

International Data Hosting

VidCruiter understands that various organizations and countries have different laws and requirements when it comes to hosting data. Our video interviewing platform is hosted in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, and the United Kingdom in case your organization has specific hosting requirements.

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Hire the Right Person with Digital Structured Interviews

With Structured Digital Interviews, your team will double their ability to select the best candidate, have access to real-time candidate scoring, and eliminate the need for paper-based interview guides. The system automatically captures all the data during a video interview and makes it easy for interviewers to ensure every candidate is asked the same questions, in the same way, and in the same order.

Woman using her computer to do a video interview

The support team is here to help any applicant complete their video interview

24/7 Support Available for Applicants

You don’t need to worry about technical challenges preventing your applicants from completing their interview. Our support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to ensure your applicants have the best possible experience and get the interview completed with ease. We offer a variety of support levels to match your needs including email, phone, and live chat.

Get a Complete View of a Candidate Before an In-Person Interview

Video interviewing will give your hiring team a more complete view of a candidate than a resume or phone interview. During a video interview, you’ll get a better sense of additional qualities, such as the applicant’s personality, body language, and professionalism, which all help your team to make better hiring decisions. Video interviewing gives you this complete understanding of each candidate without having to commit to in-person interviews with each of them.

Woman Completing Her Video Interview

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Candidates That Have Submitted Their Video Interviews

Fill up Your Candidate Pool

When filling a position, you might find multiple qualified candidates even if you can’t hire all of them immediately. You may also realize a particular candidate would be better suited for a future position. Considering VidCruiter’s video interviewing software automatically saves each candidate profile in a database, it’s easy to build up a pool of qualified candidates. When the time is right, simply review their video interview instead of having to schedule another interview.

Fully Integrated with Other Recruitment Tools

Other than utilizing the most advanced video interviewing technology, VidCruiter clients also have access to a complete recruitment software. Whether it’s including audio interviewing as a backup or further optimizing your recruitment process with additional tools, the VidCruiter platform gives you the option to go well beyond video interviewing.

Woman Helping a Client to Integrate Other Tools

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Learn More About Each Type of Video Interviewing Software

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Video Interviewing

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“When it comes to using a Video Interview service, the options can be daunting. This one and only choice are VidCruiter. Simply put, if there are any issues, the VidCruiter team is on the case and ensuring that everything is working smoothly. Other companies should study the VidCruiter model.”

Tim DeBruyne

Talent Manager
KIPP Metro Atlanta

“We reviewed more than ten vendors that offered video interviewing applications and went with VidCruiter because they offered the most robust solution at a very reasonable price. The implementation was quick and easy. The UI is user-friendly and recruiters, hiring managers and candidates have no problem using it. Their support is outstanding and they have made many customizations to the product based on our specific use case.”

Tsvety Nikolova

Global Program Manager
IT Convergence

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