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Test Your Candidates With Online Software

Pre-employment skills testing is essential for employers to find out if applicants have the appropriate knowledge for the job. With VidCruiter’s digital skills testing platform, hiring managers will be able to test for a variety of different skills in candidates. We can check for Excel knowledge, typing speeds, RFP simulations, script reading, and much more.

Engage Applicants with Interesting Skills Tests

The pre-employment assessments can go beyond your typical text-based tests. Recruiters can add video, audio clips, and photos to make the process more engaging while letting candidates react to real workplace scenarios. The system also allows applicants to complete the test without being redirected to another system.

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Rate the Answers Clearly

Without a scoring system, it can be difficult for your hiring team to compare candidates. Scores can be set on a per question basis and customized to match your organization’s criteria. The system automatically calculates the score and makes it simple for your team to identify who are the top performers.

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Automate the Assessment

If you are looking to help your team save time, you can pair the skills testing platform with VidCruiter’s advanced customized workflow system to help automate the process. Not only will the platform filter out candidates based on their responses, but it will also automatically move them to the next step if they achieve the appropriate score. You can even have rejection emails automatically sent to unqualified applicants.

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Completely Understand Your Candidates

Unless you’re monitoring an applicant while they complete a skills test, you may be missing out on valuable information. A candidate’s reaction and body language can provide your hiring team with more profound insights than merely looking if their answer was right or wrong. By administering skills tests through a video interviewing platform, your organization can receive the complete picture without having to supervise the test directly.

Simulate Your Workplace Environment

Certain positions require individuals to work efficiently in fast-paced and high-pressure environments. Adding time limits ranging from a few seconds to a few days and restricting the number of attempts that candidates have when completing screening questions are a few ways you can simulate your workplace environment during the recruitment process. Incorporating high-pressure situations into the screening process is an efficient way for your hiring team to eliminate candidates who would not perform well in the environment.

Skills Testing Templates

After building a skills test in the platform, it can be saved as a template and easily implemented for future positions. Instead of starting from scratch every time, just make the necessary changes to the template so it meets the needs of the new job. Alternatively, VidCruiter offers a variety of skills testing templates to help you get set up. You can keep the templates as is, or adjust them to suit your needs.

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Online Skills Testing Partnerships

With VidCruiter, you have access to a network of partners that will build custom tests for any of your positions, including those which require an advanced set of skills. Not only will the custom designed tests be a perfect fit, but they will also integrate quickly into VidCruiter’s testing platform.

A Convenient Testing Platform

VidCruiter’s skill testing software enables your candidates to complete any test at their convenience from anywhere in the world. Depending on the nature of the quiz, applicants can do it from the mobile device of their choice. Furthermore, your hiring team has the flexibility to review the results on any device.

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“Quality candidates have been selected through the testing that Vidcruiter has and we are able to screen applicants better.”

Nichola Campbell

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“The VidCruiter software has significantly helped us streamline our recruiting initiatives. The product design allows complete customization of the entire application process. VidCruiter has enabled us to efficiently screen thousands of applicants and hire qualified candidates. The support team at VidCruiter are both helpful and responsive. Highly recommended!”

Tracy Ritson

Managing Partner

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Considering That There Is More to a Recruitment Process Than Just Skills Testing, VidCruiter Offers Several Other Tools to Help Your Hiring Team.

Make your skills tests even more engaging and interactive by combining them with VidCruiter’s pre-recorded video interviewing platform.

Add VidCruiter’s audio interviewing tool to gain additional tests to measure a candidate’s comprehension and pronunciation skills.

Use VidCruiter’s skill testing and onboarding software together to help train your new hires and make sure that they retain all of the information that you provide.

Practical skills tests are one of the best ways to objectively assess candidates, but it’s not the only way VidCruiter’s recruitment software will help you make the right hire.