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Build Your Own Test

With VidCruiter’s online skills testing, your process will not only become completely digital, but you will also have the ability to make the tests uniquely yours. The interview testing platform allows you to create any type of skills testing you require to correctly prepare applicants for the position. Every step of the skills testing can be customized for your needs with custom timers and scales, and will always include your organization’s branding. Your applicants are provided with an engaging applicant experience, while your recruitment team receives countless benefits from an innovative skills testing approach.



Test for the Skills That Your Organization Needs

Does your position require a specific set of skills? With VidCruiter’s recruiting software, you can create any type of custom test to ensure a candidate can meet your organization’s needs. Whether it’s excel tests, typing tests, RFP simulations, or script reading, your hiring team will be able to quickly identify the qualified candidates. The skills testing platform also allows you to build custom tests for any software or system that candidates will be required to use.

Comprehension Testing


Make Your Job Skills Tests More Engaging

With VidCruiter’s interview software, you are not limited to boring text-based tests. Adding videos, audio clips, and images not only makes the skills tests more engaging for the applicants, they also allow you to see your candidates react to real workplace scenarios. Your team has the power to add any type of media to the skills test of their choice.


Customized Scoring

Without some type of scoring system, it can be difficult for your hiring team to compare candidates. Scores and weights can be set on a per question basis and customized to match your organization’s specific criteria. The system automatically calculates the candidate’s overall score and makes it simple for your team to quickly identify the skills test’s top performers.

In-depth Scoring


Automated Assessment

Automate the Assessment

If you are looking to help your team save even more time, you can pair the skills testing platform with VidCruiter’s advanced customized workflow system to help automate the process. Not only will the platform filter out candidates based on their responses, it will also automatically move them to the next step if they achieve the appropriate score. You can even have rejection emails automatically sent to unqualified applicants, allowing your recruitment team to only spend their time assessing qualified candidates.


Fully Integrated Skills Tests

With VidCruiter’s testing platform, your applicants can complete an entire test without being redirected to another system. Not only does this provide applicants with a better experience, it also gives your team access to additional data through the activity log. With fully integrated tests, everything is contained in a secure and centralized location.


Completely Understand Your Candidates

Unless you are monitoring an applicant while they complete their skills test, you may be missing out on valuable information. A candidate’s reaction to a question or their body language while they answer can provide your hiring team with deeper insights than simply looking if their answer was right or wrong. By administering your skills tests through a video interviewing platform, your team can receive the complete picture without having to supervise the test directly. With VidCruiter’s skills testing system you can monitor every test at a fraction of the cost while reviewing and filtering through the results at your convenience.

Candidate Screening


Workplace Simulation

Simulate Your Workplace Environment

Certain positions require individuals to work effectively in fast-paced and high-pressure environments. Adding time limits ranging from a few seconds to a few days and restricting the number of attempts that candidates have when completing your screening questions are just a few examples of the ways you can simulate your workplace environment during the recruitment process using our customization options. Incorporating high-pressure situations into the screening process is an effective way for your hiring team to quickly eliminate candidates that would not perform well in the position’s environment.


Skills Testing Templates

Did you design the perfect skills test for a certain position? Once a skills test has been built in the online testing platform, it can be saved as a template and easily implemented into your future positions. Instead of starting from scratch every time, you can quickly add a template and even make the necessary changes to meet the needs of your new position.

Testing Templates


Choose from Our Skills Test Library

Did you want to add skills testing to your process, but you aren’t sure where to start? VidCruiter offers a variety of skills testing templates to help you get set up right away. Each template can be used as is, or you can easily adjust them to better suit your needs.

Skill Testing


Applicant Testing

Online Skills Testing Partnerships

Do you have an advanced set of skills that you need to test for? With VidCruiter, you have access to a network of partners that will build custom tests for any of your positions. Not only will your custom designed tests be a perfect fit for you, they will also be formatted for quick integration into VidCruiter’s testing platform.


A Convenient Testing Platform

VidCruiter’s skill testing software enables your candidates to complete any type of test at their convenience from anywhere in the world. Depending on the nature of the test, they may also complete it from the device of their choice. Furthermore, your hiring team also has the flexibility to review the results at their convenience and don’t have to worry about hassles such as scheduling.

Convenient Interviewing


Automated Onboarding

Optimize Your Training and Onboarding

Online tests can be used for more than just screening applicants. With VidCruiter’s onboarding software, your organization can create an engaging way to ensure that employees retained important information that you shared with them. Whether it is getting a new hire up to speed or setting up custom training modules for your team, VidCruiter has you covered. The system allows you to track every employee’s progress, and will even automatically invite individuals that did not achieve a satisfactory score to review the material again.


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