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Audio Interviewing Lets you Listen to Applicants on Your Own Schedule

Hear How Candidates Perform

If you’re hiring for a position that makes use of the telephone you’re going to want someone who is clear, concise, and friendly. It’s hard to determine if your candidate has these traits by reading their resume. With VidAudioInterviewing, you can ask your candidates to record themselves reading a script and hear exactly how they sound in a particular situation.

Audio Interviewing Candidates

Share Audio Interviews with All of Your Team

Share the Interview with Others

A traditional phone interview only gives a clear picture of a candidate to those who were on the phone with them. With VidAudioInterviewing, you can share the candidate’s interview with your entire team, allowing them to rate, rank, comment on, and help you ensure you make the best hire every time.

Test for Comprehension

Not being able to test and qualify an applicant’s comprehension can cause recruiting problems. VidAudioInterviewing allows applicants to listen to an audio clip of a mock call and tests them for comprehension. The system filters out applicants who do not understand your clients needs.

Choose a Perfect Fit with Video Interview

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Be Sure the Voice Quality Is to Your Standard

Screen for Voice Quality and Pronunciation

The quality of an applicant’s phone skills can be important. What some people may find acceptable may not be up to your standards. With our system, you can ensure your standards are being met. VidCruiter will automatically score applicants’ voice quality while taking into consideration applicants who speak different/multiple languages.

Easy to Use

VidAudioInterviewing’s applicant testing system is completed entirely over the phone. No mics are necessary. It’s easy and engaging for your candidates, and you will see measurable results.

Audio Interview Is Done by Phone

Applicants Using Audio Interviewing Calling Internationally

Worldwide Reach

Regardless of their location, applicants simply need to enter their phone number and the system will automatically give them a call. There is no need to worry about setting up toll-free numbers or forcing your candidates to make long distance phone calls.

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Personalize the Process

Phone systems can come across as impersonal. With VidAudioInterviewing, you can record questions to ask your candidates with your voice, giving applicants an even better experience.

Customize Your Audio Interviews with Your Voice

Multiple Languages with Audio Interviewing


We can also have our system ask your questions for you in multiple languages. We cover over a dozen languages. Let us know which one you need.

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“VidCruiter offers an audio recording option for those without the resources to complete a video interview or for those with disabilities.”

Michael Reygaert

HR Generalist
Lake Michigan Credit Union

“Being a call centre, we are able to find the best candidates to conduct an in-house interview as we have a voice recording of applicants along with their resume and their answers to our online interview. As compared to only reviewing possible candidates by their resume, Vidcruiter saves time and labour resulting in only interviewing the best candidates for the position.”

Bruce Tobin

Fenety Marketing Services

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Knowing how a candidate sounds is helpful, but it’s only one of the many ways that VidCruiter will help your recruitment team learn more about every applicant.

Hearing your applicants without conducting a phone interview is great, but hearing and seeing them in action with pre-recorded video interviewing is even better.

Audio interviewing allows you to test for comprehension, voice quality, and pronunciation, but VidCruiter’s skills testing gives you access to even more assessment options.

Keep every candidate organized before and after they complete their audio interview with VidCruiter’s applicant tracking system.

You’ve heard what your applicants had to say, now you can also get feedback from their references without picking up the phone with VidCruiter’s automated reference checking.

Considering that the hiring process doesn’t stop once an interview is complete, take advantage of an onboarding software to get successful candidates ready and working.

Audio Interviewing is a powerful screening tool, but VidCruiter’s recruitment software offers even more ways for an organization to improve the hiring process.

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