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A Pre-Recorded Interview Rating System

An Easy-to-Use Rating System

VidCruiter has designed an advanced rating system that allows you to easily compare candidates on a whole new level. Not only can you have the system weigh applicants based on their responses, but you also will have the power for your team or anyone you desire to add further insights on a candidate. With VidCruiter, you can accurately rate applicants in a fair and easy manner across all our products including live video interviews and pre-recorded interviews. Asking all candidates the exact same questions and rating them with a consistent scale will help you accurately identify more qualified applicants. Utilizing structured interviews is one of the most effective ways that companies can find higher quality candidates. VidCruiter’s rating system is part of the way we are bringing structured interviews into the digital age.

pre-recorded interview

Find What You Are Looking For

Looking for a specific skill set? No problem! Our system can automatically search for what you are trying to find. Simply specify the criteria you are looking for in a potential candidate, and the system will get to work to ensure you are presented with only those applicants who possess exactly the skills you need.

pre-recorded interview system

Rating Applicants Has Never Been Easier

You will not have a hard time keeping track of applicants. VidCruiter allows you to rate everyone fairly and easily. All interview feedback is stored digitally for anyone on the team you grant access to! You can even have chat windows open to discuss the candidate with your team members without anyone else knowing about it.

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