Although VidCruiter proudly serves clients all over the world, the platform has been specifically tailored to meet the hiring needs of any European business.

A GDPR Compliant Video Interviewing Software

With the implementation of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in 2018, more than ever before, European companies are obligated to conform to strict regulations with regard to the protection of the data they collect and store. VidCruiter hosts the data for our European clients on Europe-based servers for all products, including the video interviewingapplicant tracking system, and the automated reference checking solutions to guarantee that we are compliant with all aspects of the new GDPR legislation.

Multilingual Platform For Businesses Across Europe

With over 20 officially recognized languages in the European Union, Europe-based businesses often have multilingual hiring needs. Currently, the VidCruiter recruitment platform is available in English (British), Français, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, English (US), Español (Latinoamérica), and Français (CA). Upon request, additional languages can also be added to ensure that your organization’s requirements are met.

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Hassle-Free Cross-Border Recruiting

With the fragmented nature of the geographical landscape in Europe, cross-border recruiting is often an integral part of the hiring process for many mid-to-large scale European organizations. VidCruiter’s cloud-based live and pre-recorded video interviewing solutions, allow companies to efficiently screen candidates from other countries without having to suffer the burdens and high costs associated with travel and long distance recruiting.

Top Quality Service from Europe-Based Sales and Support Teams

VidCruiter is proud to offer unmatched service levels to every European client. The Applicant Success Team is available 24/7 to ensure that each applicant has the best possible candidate experience. VidCruiter also has Europe-based representatives to better serve clients with sales and support.

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Vidcruiter Offers More Than Just a European Video Interviewing Software

VidCruiter offers a full suite of recruitment solutions that were designed to improve all aspects of the recruitment process for European businesses of all sizes. With VidCruiter’s Europe-based recruitment software, your hiring team will have all of the tools they need to make the best possible hires in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

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“There are so many things to love about using Vidcruiter. We would not be able to operate at the success rate that we are without their awesome applicant tracking system, the user-friendly platform, the organization of our applicants into unique folders, the instant responses received from their Client Success Team and personalized one-on-one training with our new hires.”

Carmen Coleman

Human Resource Manager

“It allows us to differentiate ourselves from other companies doing the same thing by really enhancing the employee experience and making it easier to connect candidates internationally and maintain a good interaction.”


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