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Identified a diverse range of new top performers for internal promotions
Saved over 4,800 admin hours annually
Standardized onboarding and compliance for 1099 contractors
Identified 300 top performers in one month

The Client

Balancing Life’s Issues (BLI) has been a trusted leader and provider of customized corporate training programs for over 30 years. BLI delivers seminars, training videos, executive training, and consulting services to clients around the globe. BLI’s trainers have strengthened thousands of organizations by helping over two million people live happier, healthier lives.

Its team of 10 manages a bureau of over 1,200 contractors with expertise in diversity and inclusion, healthy living, community, finance, work-life balance, and more. BLI offers podcast services as a value-add benefit to its clients at no additional cost. Whatever topic needs covering, BLI will pair you with an experienced trainer and provide a customized experience to meet your needs.

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The Challenge

BLI was looking for an adaptable platform to help it achieve its organizational goals, and it had to be user-friendly so it could be quickly adopted internally. The client knew an out-of-the-box solution wouldn’t work — it needed something highly customizable to track applicants and rating statuses, enable teamwork and keep everything moving to free up the staff of 10 to focus on other things. The solution needed to provide a better way to collaborate on evaluations and document interviews, ensuring 1099 compliance.

Ideally, the client wanted a single solution that would allow it to evaluate its historical network of over 1,200 trainers, in addition to helping it hire new trainers, all as efficiently as possible. BLI’s trainers are all contractors, so the client wanted the hiring process to be standardized so it could be sure of 1099 compliance before moving forward. The client also needed to implement consistency in its hiring process and ensure all the trainers perform at the highest standards.

Lastly, creating a positive, high-touch experience for everyone who comes into contact with the brand was very important to BLI.

Wendy Wollner

“The worst thing that can happen is a bad fit. One bad training, not just is it costly, but also it’s our credibility… we are only as good as our trainers.”

Wendy Wollner

Founder and CEO,

Balancing Life’s Issues


The Solution

Since BLI is such a small team, everyone would need to be invested in the success of this process, so VidCruiter focused on getting buy-in throughout the onboarding process.

VidCruiter’s implementation team helped the client map and plan all the workflows, customize the copy throughout the workflow to make sure it’s compliant with 1099 regulations, build the custom rating guides, and add BLI’s branding. By standardizing the interview questions, the client has been able to consistently collect information about things like the candidates’ values to see how they align with BLI. For both performance management and screening, BLI no longer had to find a staff member who had availability, then book a session and interview everyone individually. By the time the platform launch took place, VidCruiter had trained and unified BLI’s team of ten around the new processes.

VidCruiter worked with the client to create a privacy policy enabling it to share the pre-recorded interviews externally. Now BLI can send videos of the trainers to providers and prospective clients to showcase its expertise and talent. Ultimately, pre-recorded interviewing was the flexible answer BLI needed to achieve its goals.


“It’s not just a recruiting tool. It’s also a sales tool to show where our credibility in the space comes from and how we pick our trainers.”

Wendy Wollner

Founder and CEO,

Balancing Life’s Issues

The Results

Through fast implementation and client-specific user training, VidCruiter’s launch within the organization was seamless. With the additional support from automation and newly structured processes, the client was able to improve its onboarding outcomes and update its database of contractors.

VidCruiter helped design the evaluation process to assess the 1,200 trainers in the client’s database using pre-recorded video interviews. All the administrative tasks were automated so the staff could focus their attention on rating. Within one month, BLI identified the top 300 trainers it would move forward with.

BLI identified some talented trainers who weren’t on its radar through their strong pre-recorded video interview answers. While this wasn’t its initial intention, BLI realized the new process created a beneficial opportunity to discover new top performers to highlight.

Using pre-recorded video interviewing allows BLI to identify specific skills and do performative assessments. It adds another level of quality assessment to provide a sense of how the training is conducted and how the trainer conducts themselves. The client now has a suite of standardized tools to do evaluations, the candidates can showcase their competencies, and the result is that only qualified candidates are onboarded.

By custom-building structured workflows for each of BLI’s unique use cases, VidCruiter helped the client create consistency and efficiency in its evaluations. Everyone at BLI has different user permissions depending on the workflow and receives automated rating emails to keep the process flowing.

When new requests to join BLI’s network come in, the job seeker automatically receives a link to the platform where they are directed through the pre-recorded structured interview process. VidCruiter has reduced the overall time spent doing screening interviews. Because BLI works with independent contractors, VidCruiter’s hiring platform helps it document everything correctly to ensure compliance. The new process adds value to the employer brand proposition, demonstrating that BLI is a modern, professional, and organized company.

Without pre-recorded video interviewing and workflow automation, BLI would’ve spent approximately 4,800 hours annually on administrative work keeping its database up-to-date. With VidCruiter, BLI was able to interview and identify 300 top trainers in one month, saving the client over $100,000 in administrative fees. Overall, VidCruiter’s platform exceeded the client’s expectations, and implementation was comprehensive and seamless.

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