Do You Find It Difficult to Take Thorough Notes During a Screening Interview

Easily take notes during interviews

Why Incomplete Notes Can Negatively Impact Your Hiring Quality

Whether it be a distraction, a miscommunication, or we just don’t know what the candidate is saying, it is common for a recruiter to get to the end of an interview and realize that their notes are insufficient.

Now however, recruiters have been switching to one-way video interviewing to ensure they get the detailed notes they need.

It’s common knowledge among recruiters that your decision to hire a candidate or move them forward in the process is only as solid as the notes taken while interviewing them. This is because this decision is based up specific and detailed comparisons of candidates, whether it be based on their skill sets or education that qualifies them for a position.

Rachel has been a recruiter for less than a year, but she already understands this importance. She has relied on her own notes as well as the notes of her colleagues to make difficult choices and always does her best to keep as detailed records as she possibly can. The reality, however, is that like many people, Rachel has always struggled to keep focus and remaining fully attentive for long periods of time, so whenever she is booked for long days full of phone interviews, it’s common for her to become distracted.

The last time she was conducting these interviews, Rachel was having an extremely difficult time paying full attention, and her mind would continuously wander to thoughts about her personal life, the next interview she had to conduct, or what she was having for dinner that night. Despite every effort, each interview seemed to keep going this way, and when she hung up the phone she found herself extremely disappointed in the lack of notes taken.

This continued on to the extent that even if she asked the question, she was forgetting to write down a candidate’s answer with information her hiring manager continually stressed the importance of. This was incredibly frustrating for Rachel as she is constantly trying her best, yet still lets herself and her hiring manager down.

After a full day of this disappointment, Rachel decides she will not accept this problem as a necessity and takes action. She tries searching new and different ways to stay focused but is not able to find anything she hasn’t been trying since she was younger. She then wonders if there’s a recruiting tool that would help her take better notes, seeing as her focus is difficult to improve on.

Rachel decides to search recruiters who have also experienced issues with thorough note-taking and whether they had found a solution, quickly finding that they had.

How the Ability to Pause and Rewind Pre-Recorded Interviews Makes Note Taking Easy

These recruiters had been switching to pre-recorded video interviewing, a software becoming increasingly popular in the industry to help save time and keep recruiting teams organized.

Instead of speaking with candidates over the phone to conduct screening, recruiters are able to assign questions for candidates to record their answers to on their own mobile or desktop devices, and simply submit them for the recruiter to view at their convenience.

This is extremely helpful for a recruiter like Rachel because of the option to pause, rewind, skip or fast forward a video interview in order to ensure your notes and understanding of an answer are more than sufficient. If Rachel were to still get to the end of an interview and realize she is not satisfied with her notes, videos are easily saved to watch again as many times as needed and can be shared with other members of her team as well.

Video hiring helps recruiters like Rachel feel confident that they are doing their best work and ensures she never misses an important answer, so she knows she is hiring the best candidate for the job.

Recruiters have a lot of things to process during an interview, so unless they are equipped with the proper tools, it can be extremely difficult to take thorough notes. Sign up for a VidCruiter demo to find out how our recruitment software makes it easy for recruiters to take a complete set of notes and properly evaluate every candidate.