How Recruiters Use a Pre-Recorded Interview Tool

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Putting Your Interviewing Tool into Practice

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There are a number of possible ways a pre-recorded video interview tool helps recruiters across various industries and positions. This software has managed to save time, costs, and improve the experience and quality of a hire for a company by assisting with various types of recruiting issues. Below are a few of the many examples of how pre-recorded video interview has helped recruiters overcome some hiring obstacles.

Use Case #1: For High Volume Situations, Use Pre-Recorded Video Interviewing

Recruiters use pre-recorded video interviews to help them narrow down large applicant pools during the screening stage. The system provides an easy way for candidates to participate in interviews and allows recruiters to focus their time and resources on finding the best quality candidate. Many of our clients use this tool when needing to hire hundreds or even thousands of people in a short period of time.

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Use Case #2: To Help Senior Executives to Save Time

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Senior executives don’t always have time to ask their top applicants interview questions themselves, even when it comes to a director, VP or EVP roles. Senior executives use video interviews to save time while allowing them to weigh in on which applicant they feel to be the right fit or before meeting the applicants in-person.

Use Case #3: Reduce Interviewer Bias with Pre-Recorded Interviews

A pre-recorded video interview allows companies to diversify the rating function across multiple users. The system allows for as many users as needed to be involved in the process. This lets the company track rating results, ensuring no recruiter bias. The system also allows for the sharing of interviews, which not only reduces biases but increases the likelihood someone else will see something another person may have missed, too.

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Use Case #4: Clarify Recruiter Notes

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Many organizations use pre-recorded video interviewing as a method to streamline processes between recruiters and hiring managers, including the sharing of information. With recruiters conducting back-to-back phone interviews, notes can begin to lack detail after a certain point. Organizations can use video interviews to ensure hiring managers are getting the information they need from the recruiter’s notes.

Use Case #5: Recruiting Firms Can Place Candidates for Clients

Recruiting firms and staffing agencies use pre-recorded video interviews to screen their candidates faster, then send the video responses to clients. Then, clients simply approve the response and move the candidate on to the next step in the process.

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Use Case #6: Kickout Questions for Certain Skill Sets

Applicant Interview Scores

Often, hiring managers need a certain skill but interviewing 20 to 30 people over the phone to determine who has one skill that can be asked and reviewed in 20 seconds is a much more efficient way to review applicants. This enables the right people to be interviewed without wasting time.

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