We proudly serve companies across the United States of America with a customizable platform to suit their specific recruitment needs.

American businesses, governments, and organizations make up the majority of VidCruiter’s clientele.

Video Interviewing Software Hosted in the USA

American companies must follow specific rules and privacy laws, like the Patriot Act, when hosting software data. VidCruiter has the most secure data hosting in the USA for all of our products, including automated reference checking, the applicant tracking system, and the video interviewing software, meaning there’s no need for you to worry.

Pricing Is Always in American Dollars

Never worry about unexpected charges or fluctuations on your bill because of a foreign exchange rate change. With VidCruiter, all USA-based contracts are set in American Dollars, so there is never any uncertainty with what a client needs to pay.

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A Video Interviewing Software for All Levels of the U.S. Government

By implementing the highest security standards, VidCruiter’s video interviewing software isn’t limited to businesses in the private sector. The platform’s flexibility and advanced features allow municipal, state, and federal government departments to utilize any of the available products.

Designed to Help with American Veteran Hiring

Many veterans, despite being highly skilled, are unemployed in the United States. These leaders in society are ideal for many companies looking to hire dedicated employees. By passing the VOW (Veterans Opportunity to Work) to Hire Heroes Act of 2011, the country has improved the ability of veterans to find employment after serving the country.

VidCruiter’s applicant tracking system and video interviewing platforms were designed to help make hiring veterans easier for companies. A comprehensive tracking system plays a huge role in keeping track of resumes, credentials, and identifying individuals who have served. The video interviewing software also provides American veterans with a unique way to highlight their skills as they answer your specific questions.

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Service and Products Available in Spanish

Does your organization have operations that require Spanish-speaking employees? With VidCruiter, your team can either test a candidate’s Spanish proficiency or even build an entire application in Spanish. Your organization’s users can also set their platform’s language to Spanish, and our Applicant Success team will provide Spanish support to any applicant.

Helping American Businesses of Any Size

Whether your organization is large or small and regardless if you are hiring locally or across the United States, VidCrutier’s software has the right solution to meet your hiring needs. Even if you only use one product or you implement the entire system into your recruitment process, the VidCruiter platform was designed with the flexibility to serve any type or size of American business.

Take Advantage of More Than Just an American Video Interviewing Software

VidCruiter gives your organization access to a full suite of recruitment products that were designed to improve any stage of the recruitment process. With VidCruiter’s recruitment software, your hiring team will have all of the tools that they need to make the best possible hires as quickly as possible..

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“VidCruiter was a game changer for us as we scaled from one market to 20 in 2 years. Support was great in getting us up and running quickly and over time as we have questions.”

Candice Vleugels


“This recruiting tool takes a lot of the guesswork out of virtual recruiting especially with telecommuting positions. I love the video interview process.”

Justin Brogdon

National Sales Manager
Wiley Long Enterprises

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