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Feb 27, 2024
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At VidCruiter, we are proud to lead at the forefront of recruitment. Our team of experienced writers, researchers, and experts provides valuable insights and guidance for both sides of the recruitment equation. Whether you are working to improve your hiring or hoping to be hired yourself, we are dedicated to offering practical, actionable advice based on current research.

We pride ourselves in creating useful and trustworthy resources, providing real value for recruiters and job seekers. Every article is thoroughly researched and fact-checked, using the most reputable sources available.


hours of dedicated research


actionable resources created


years of global experience

Our Writers and Researchers

Meet the team behind our carefully curated content. Their deep understanding and expertise enable us to provide comprehensive, high-value insights that truly benefit our readers. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure the information we offer is both informative and practical.

Sean Fahey

CEO ~ VidCruiter

Sean Fahey is an accomplished business leader, serial entrepreneur, and strategic recruitment advisor, widely recognized for his exceptional skills in helping businesses solve complex hiring challenges. With over 15 years of experience as a Strategic Recruitment Advisor, Sean has become a highly sought-after expert, earning numerous awards and accolades.



Speaking Engagements

Lauren Barber

Senior Content Manager ~ VidCruiter

An award-nominated content marketer, educated at Bournemouth University, Lauren specializes in creating recruitment resources for the modern, tech-forward landscape. Her expertise is recognized by publications in Forbes, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur and collaborations with industry leaders including Meta, Lyft, and McCain.



Shiann Aronson

Outreach Manager and Research Lead ~ VidCruiter

Shiann Aronson has research experience in the HR tech and recruitment fields. Leading a team of dedicated researchers, she provides valuable insights and developments in the HR landscape.



  • Supervised 2500 hours of dedicated research
  • Technical Expertise in Outreach, Targeted Research, Artificial Intelligence, Regulatory Landscape, Recruitment Trends

Jasmine Williams


Jasmine Williams is an award-winning writer and content marketing expert specializing in HR and B2B SaaS. With over a decade of professional writing and content marketing experience, she has worked with a global roster of industry-leading companies. Her expertise has been featured in The Toronto Star, Marketing Brew, Girlboss, and



Speaking Engagements

Sam Cook


Sam Cook is an Employee Engagement and Development Researcher and Content Manager for MentorcliQ and a former high school teacher who spent nearly a decade mentoring students and new teachers, both formally and informally. He combines his successful second-life career as a writer and researcher with his experience as an educator to help translate HR needs into action.


Subject Matter Experts, Fact Checkers and Contributors

These professionals bring a wealth of experience and specialized knowledge, ensuring that our content is factual and deeply informed. Their insights are invaluable in shaping forward-thinking resources, aligned with the latest industry developments and innovations.

Dr. Andrew Buzzell

Director of Responsible AI

Andrew headshot

Andrew has presented at a variety of industry and academic conferences and provided AI ethics consulting in Canada, the US, and the EU. In addition to his academic research, he's also been part of software development teams in several industries in both developer and management roles.




  • AI, Ethics of Technology, Epistemology and Digital Media
  • AI in Hiring and Health

VidCruiter Awards and Accolades

VidCruiter’s commitment to reimagining the recruitment process has not gone unnoticed. Through our innovative approaches and dedication to excellence, we have garnered numerous awards and accolades that reflect our position as a leader in the industry.