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Completing a reference check usually takes a lot of time, but it often doesn’t add a lot of insight to your candidates.

VidReferencing, an automated reference checking system from VidCruiter, eliminates these concerns. Managers can gather information on hundreds of applicants without picking up the phone or sending multiple emails.


More Insightful, Accurate References

Asking a candidate for two references is often not enough, but asking for more will take too much time. With VidReferencing you can ask for as many as you want without the risk of spending hours coordinating it.

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Ask for References at Any Time

Our system lets you ask for references at any point in the hiring process. Ask for them upfront to get a better idea of the candidate before the interview, part way through to get more of a sense of the person’s past work experience, or at the very end to verify before hiring. It’s your choice.


Candidates do all the Work

Once you ask for references, you just need to wait for them to come in. With VidReferencing, applicants are the ones who contact the referees on your behalf. Applicants get each of their referees to complete your private online report and do not get to see what is written.

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Let the Referee be More Honest About the Applicant

With VidReferencing, referees have proven to be more candid and insightful with their responses, as they have the opportunity to give them more thought. Having to submit a hard copy also holds referees more accountable than if they were speaking to you over the phone. People can also complete references in any format: written, audio, or video.


Customize and Standardize the Process

Having different team members calling references at various times can give you inconsistent results. With VidReferencing, you create the questions you want to ask and send the same set to as many or as few candidates as you like. Adding more structure to your process gives you a better means of evaluating and comparing your prospects.

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Get a Better Response Rate

With VidReferencing, referees answer your questions at their convenience, increasing the likelihood they complete it. Once a reference is submitted, you can review it on your own time instead of trying to coordinate schedules with the referee. Your response rate will improve without wasting time scheduling reference checks or performing callbacks.


Reference Check Scoring

Your team can get an automatic score based on how the references rate their former employees. The ability to score will give you more insight and make it easier to find the best candidates.

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Grow Your Organization

Reference checks, when done correctly, can impact the growth of the organization. Automatic reference checks can screen out bad hires and speed up the hiring of good talent.


Automated Reference Checking System Hosted Internationally

An automated reference checking system can be useful for businesses, but you may need to be cautious depending on where you host data and what the rules for that region may be. VidCruiter has you covered with hosting services in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe.

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