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More Insightful, More Accurate (No More “Canned” References)

Asking a candidate for two references is a good idea, but it’s often not enough. Now you can ask for as many references as you want and still do less work. The more references you have respond, the more you know about your potential candidate.

automated reference checking


automatic referencing

Check References at Any Time

Our system allows the option to ask for references at any point in the hiring process. Ask for them upfront, part way through or at the very end. The option is always yours.


Applicants Do the Work

With VidReferencing, applicants are the ones who contact the references on your behalf. Applicants get each of their referees to complete your private online report and do not get to see what is reported.

360 reference check


360 reference assessment

Reference in Any Format

References can be completed in any format: written, audio or video. Although a majority of our clients use text-based references, they always have all the options.


Customize, Then Standardize the Process

Having different team members calling references at various times can give you inconsistent results. With VidReferencing, you create the questions you want to ask and send the same set to as many or as few candidates as you like. Adding more structure to your process gives you a better means of evaluating and comparing your prospects.

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reference checking

Enjoy a Better Response Rate

Everyone is busy these days. Getting referees on the phone to chat about your new candidate can be a difficult thing to do. With VidReferencing, referees answer your questions at their convenience, increasing the likelihood that they complete the reference. On top of that, your applicants are the ones who call referees and ensure their references get completed. Your response rate will improve without wasting time scheduling reference checks or performing callbacks.


As Many Reference Checks as You Need

Traditional reference checks are time-consuming, which is why most organizations save them for finalists. What happens if you get bad references that late in the process? You could end up not having the right person for the job. With VidReferencing, reference checks require a fraction of the work, which gives you the ability to conduct them for as many candidates as you want. Having additional insights into more candidates will help you make better hiring decisions.

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References Are More Honest

Referees don’t always give the most honest and accurate answers over the phone. If you are relying on inaccurate information, you may end up hiring the wrong applicant. With VidReferencing, referees have proven to be more candid and insightful with their responses, as they have the opportunity to give them more thought. Having to submit a hardcopy also holds referees more accountable than if they were speaking to you over the phone. VidReferencing will give you the referee validation you need to ensure you have the most honest profile of your candidates.


Review References on Your Own Schedule

Coordinating your schedule around the availability of referees is an unnecessary hassle. With our automated reference checking software, you can review an applicant’s references at your convenience. The freedom to coordinate your schedule based on your needs will significantly improve your productivity.

online reference

automated reference

Documented Proof That the Process Was Properly Completed

Reference Checks can be an important part of the recruitment process. Our online reference check software allows you to track everything and ensure that your candidates’ reference checks are completed properly.


Reference Check Scoring

Your organization can get an automatic score based on how past employers rate their candidates. The ability to score reference checks will give you more insight and make it easier to find the best candidates.

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