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VidCruiter acquires Ingage Solutions

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Raegan Hedley

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VidCruiter Editorial Team

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June 20, 2023
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We are proud to announce we’ve acquired Ingage Solutions! This represents an exciting step in expanding VidCruiter’s interview intelligence in line with our mission of helping clients continue to find the best employees.

We understand the promise AI has to offer when it's used safely, legally across all global jurisdictions, and in a way that improves the hiring process for all participants.  We look forward to making these new tools available to all of our clients who choose to use them.

About Ingage Solutions

Ingage Solutions is a Stanford University-born leader in interview intelligence technology. Jamal Madni and Matt Davis, the founders of Ingage, led Stanford University’s transition to online learning in 2020. After this project, Jamal and Matt shifted focus to creating real-time interview intelligence technology that would enhance virtual connectivity while keeping their use of AI low-risk.

Ingage Solutions successfully developed a deep integration with Microsoft’s internal APIs, reaching a milestone as the first interview intelligence solution to fully integrate with Microsoft Teams.

What is interview intelligence?

Ingage’s interview intelligence offer was created to increase interview engagement and human connection in virtual interviews by leveraging ethical AI.

This software analyzes the interview process and interviewers, not the candidate. It uses a TensorFlow engine that evolves with you to provide real-time insights that enrich the interview experience and help organizations learn and adapt based on their unique interview data. Ingage’s technology has the power to reveal patterns of interviewer behavior that obscure a clear view of candidate suitability and identify the potential for bias that can undermine quality and compliance.

Ingage’s AI-augmented tool allows us to build on our current solutions by expanding VidCruiter’s content validation, interview intelligence, and interview coaching capabilities. Transparent and understandable metrics like talk-time ratios and rating patterns provide important insights clients can act on.

This technology goes beyond accelerating the ability for clients to identify top talent. It will drive evidence-based performance, interview compliance, and continuous improvement.

How Ingage Solutions fits in VidCruiter’s AI strategy

AI-enabled technology is advanced, but more research is needed before it should be considered to replace human decision-making. Using AI to assess, filter or source candidates has a high probability of introducing bias into the process, which is difficult to address given the lack of transparency and human accountability in decision-making. A number of pending AI laws and regulations reflect this reality.

More so, there is a strong public interest in creating selection processes that are fair, unbiased, and transparent. Many AI-enabled tools and technologies currently operate with varying levels of transparency and opacity where even the creators themselves may not fully understand how the algorithms are scoring individual data points.

VidCruiter is not using AI to analyze or assess candidates in video interviews. Instead, Ingage’s adaptive AI collects data on interview processes, and interviewers. This strategy is low-risk, and keeps our clients and products steps ahead of new regulations.

We are ethically applying AI and automation from the inside out, giving clients insights into every step of the interviewing and hiring lifecycle, and fostering the use of best practices in real-time while avoiding the industry standard of using AI from the outside in to rate, filter or assess applicants. The result is better, faster, and fairer hiring.

Andrew Buzzell, VidCruiter’s Director of Responsible AI, has this to say about our unique AI strategy:

“I spend a lot of time connecting conversations across different parts of the company, the industry, and academia, so that the evolution of VidCruiter's approach to AI is innovative, grounded in best practices, and animated by the values and aspirations that matter most to clients, candidates, experts, and regulators.”

VidCruiter is more than an interview management system. Ingage’s technology leverages AI to support our greater mission to make proven best practices more accessible and easier to use, all in the name of helping our clients hire successfully.

“Our mission is to help our clients to hire faster without compromising on quality. We do this by developing the tools to automate scientifically-proven practices and harness the power of AI-assistance to make the hiring experience efficient, effective and easy for everyone.”

- Sean Fahey, VidCruiter CEO