VidCruiter partners with the UK Government and is available via the G-Cloud framework


Lauren Howlett

January 04, 2023

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Crown Commercial Service Supplier

Furthering its commitment to government agencies worldwide, VidCruiter has partnered with the UK government to make its video interviewingstructured interviewingskills assessments, and reference-checking solutions available through the G-Cloud 13 procurement gateway.

The G-Cloud platform provides the public sector with direct access to verified HR technology that meets the technical and security requirements of the UK government. VidCruiter’s partnership with the UK government’s G-Cloud framework will help UK central government departments and public sector organizations easily find solutions to maximize hiring efficiencies, reduce time-to-hire, and scale their practices consistently.

VidCruiter has partnered with government agencies around the world to help modernize and digitize their hiring processes. VidCruiter’s specialized government recruiting software helps government agencies streamline hiring while ensuring consistency with internal standards and frameworks.

VidCruiter’s recruitment software solution can be found on the G-Cloud 13 website.

About G-Cloud 13:

The G-Cloud framework is a procurement gateway managed by Crown Commercial Service (CCS) that allows UK central government departments and public sector organizations to purchase pre-vetted cloud-based software solutions.


Lauren Howlett

Lauren is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at VidCruiter. She focuses on creating thought leadership content and resources for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers by being at the forefront of emerging HR industry trends.

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