VidCruiter + HIREtech integration now live!

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Lauren Barber

April 25, 2022

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VidCruiter has made it easier for US customers to access, fill out and send off important employment documentation and tax incentive forms, directly from their VidCruiter platform.

Our HIREtech partnership gives customers a streamlined way to fill out I-9 forms (also known as Employment Eligibility Verification forms) via HIREtech’s simplifi-9 solution. Additionally, our customers can also use the VidCruiter platform to apply for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), using HIREtech’s hireCREDITS solution.

About HIREtech

HIREtech (an Equifax company) is a technology-focused human capital management (HCM) solution and tax incentive firm that provides software and services to help companies save time, save money, and reduce risk. Businesses can access real-time data and intelligence to make important financial and hiring decisions.

Lauren Headshot

Lauren Barber

Lauren is the Content Marketing Manager at VidCruiter. She loves to connect HR teams with game-changing hiring solutions, expert advice and the latest industry insights.

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