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16 HR and Talent Acquisition Blogs You Need to Follow In 2024

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JF Poirier

April 10, 2023

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We live in an era where we’re constantly on the internet, either by using our smartphones or in front of a computer. As a result, human resource professionals have a wide range of resources at their fingertips at all times. For those who want to stay ahead of new recruitment or industry trends, checking blogs is a great source of guidance from HR leaders. These blogs allow you to gather new ideas, find new methodologies to solve workplace issues, gain insight on innovative recruitment technology, and more. The problem, though, is the number of HR-focused blogs now available. Some are really useful, while others fall short. With this in mind, we have brought together some of the more established recruiting blogs, and some of the upstarts that you should pay attention to in 2024. By sticking to this list, you’ll be able to find all the information you’re looking for.

Blogs from Recruiting Organizations

Undercover Recruiter

Undercover Recruiter is one of the most visually pleasing blogs you can read, and who doesn’t love a blog that emphasizes user experience! Topics vary, but it focuses on recruitment in three main sections, employer, recruiter and candidate. With sponsored content and various guest posters, Undercover Recruiter is worth checking out during your daily or weekly reading ritual.

Undercover Recruiter Logo


Created to be a hub for internet and telephone researchers, Sourcecon has quickly transitioned to become one of the top recruitment hubs for information and news. The site delivers tools and tips for recruiters that are starting out in their careers, as well as industry news, surveys, and practical advice.

Sourcecon Logo


First created in 1998, ERE has established itself as one of the best-known recruitment blogs on the web. The content is tailored for those who work in the corporate recruitment sector, but their insights and overall reporting mechanisms are a valuable tool for anyone who is looking at medium or long-term forecasting. Logo

Recruiter Magazine

Naturally, a magazine that is devoted to recruitment will be on this list. Recruiter Magazine is a UK publication that produces quality recruiting content for its readers both online and in print. Naturally, some pieces are specific to the UK region, but the overall tone and quality are geared toward recruiting professionals and are applicable worldwide.

Recruiter Magazine Logo

Social Hire

Social Hire is a blog and site that focuses solely on social recruiting. This means the content is geared towards social media, and other related topics, but the insights and issues it covers can help any HR professional who wants to learn more about the social recruiting field.

Social Hire Logo

A recruiting blog list without would be a farce. This great site provides insights, in-depth and often valuable articles that are geared towards HR professionals that are working within the confines of recruitment. Logo

Blue Octopus

Blue Octopus is one of the best UK based recruiting companies, and they provide essential recruitment and career advice on their blog, Blogtopus. With brief and to-the-point posts, this blog is perfect for those of us who need to start our day off with short and compacted blogs that pack a punch.

Blue Octopus Logo

LinkedIn Talent Blog

Although not only recruitment based, the LinkedIn Talent Blog has some valuable contributors that the recruiting world should pay attention to. The benefit of this blog is that they pull writers from across the world that provide you with insights from their specific experiences. With a full section on “Recruitment Strategies, Tips and Trends” should be bookmarked by any recruitment professional.

LinkedIn Talent Logo

Personal Recruiting Blogs

The Savage Truth

With a mix of video and written entries, The Savage Truth is designed to start a real conversation about recruiting. With over four decades in the industry, a unique point of view and a forward-thinking approach, Greg Savage has grown his brand and his site with textbook precision and that’s why we think he is worth a follow.

Greg Savage Logo

HR Industry Blogs

The HR Capitalist

The HR Capitalist is one of the best reads on the internet, and they continue to do the impossible, make HR blogs fun to read! The blog focuses on best practices within the industry and uses a variety of real-world examples to bring HR and recruitment theory into practice.

The HR Capitalist Logo


TLNT is an offshoot of ERE that provides daily news and top-quality content for HR and talent management professionals. The site has a host of other support tools such as a job board, live webinars and events around the US that focuses on HR professionals.



Tiny Pulse is one of the top-rated employment engagement and happiness companies in the US, and their blog is a great resource! They focus on company culture, benefits, leadership and recruitment. For those who are looking to engage in company culture changes, Tiny Pulse is your go-to blog.

Tinypulse Logo


TalentLyft is an all-in-one recruitment software and their blog was rated one of the world’s leading HR blogs. TalentLyft’s blog is a go-to place for all HR professionals and recruiters who want to stay up to date with the latest trends, best practices, strategies and first-hand insights in the HR industry, especially in the field of recruitment (marketing) and talent acquisition.

TalentLyft Logo

Personal Blogs from HR Professionals

HR Ringleader

The HR Ringleader is an excellent resource for HR professionals, and women within the HR community. The blogs are from the pen of Trish McFarlane, a leader in HCM and HR technology, and are filled with insights and industry insider knowledge you will only get from a true thought leader in the community.

HR Ringleader Logo

The HR Bartender

Grab a glass of wine, and sit down and enjoy the read on HR Bartender. Sharlyn Lauby is an HR professional turned consultant who touches on a wide range of issues on her popular blog. With topics such as employee engagement, recruitment and career advice, the HR Bartender is serving up knowledge.

HR Bartender Logo

Evil HR Lady

The Evil HR Lady is blunt and honest in her opinions on the industry, making her blog an interesting read for any HR professional. The blog has a wide range of topics the writer touches on, so you’ll always be able to find some information that will help you perform your job.

Evil HR Lady Logo

Did we miss your favorite blog? Contact us with your favourite and tell us why it deserves a spot on this list!

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JF Poirier

JF Poirier is a Content Marketing Specialist at VidCruiter. He writes about recruitment challenges, strategy and tech trends in HR. He tweets @VidCruiter

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