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15 Women in HR Technology You Should Follow

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Tamara Gravelle

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January 5, 2021
15 Women in HR Technology You Should Follow


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Women play a dominant role in human resources, making up about 75% of employees in the industry. That said, the number of women in the technology industry is severely lacking with less than 20% of people in the tech industry being women.

While this is a problem the tech industry is working on, HR tech seems to be leading the pack. Many women have become prominent voices in the industry, so much so that the HR Technology Conference & Expo now has dedicated a day of hearing from and honoring women in the industry.

We want to raise those voices up even higher than they already are, so, in celebration of International Women’s Day we’ve compiled a list of women in the HR tech industry who you should be following. This list is by no means exhaustive, though, and we encourage you to find other women in the industry who inspire you every day.

1. Jeanne Achille

We’re starting off this list with the chair of the Women in HR Tech Summit for the above mentioned HR Tech Conference & Expo. Jeanne is the founder and CEO of The Devon Group and designed the first PC-based HRMS (human resources management system) earlier in her career. Throughout her career, she has helped promote and launch hundreds of tech products and companies. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.

Jeanne Achille Headshot

2. Jackie P. Taylor

There’s no way we couldn’t include Jackie on this list. She’s works at EY in People Advisory Services, but she’s also a thought leader in the hr tech industry and works to help organizations improve processes. You can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Jackie P Taylor Headshot

3. Trish McFarlane

Trish is one of the more popular HR tech analysts around, thanks to the hit podcast the HR Happy Hour, which she co-hosts. She helps introduce HR professionals to technology vendors and is also the founder of HRevolution, a human resources conference which focuses on emerging trends and the future of HR. You can find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Trish McFarlane Headshot

4. Sarah Brennan

If you have the opportunity to see Sarah speak about human resources technology, you should not waste it. As the founder of Accelir Insights, she is a knowledgeable HR tech executive and a seasoned HR analyst. She’s also on many lists of top influencers in the HR and technology industry. You can see her updates on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sarah Brennan Headshot

5. Linda Ginac

Linda is the founder and CEO of TalentGuard, and is responsible for building the company to the success it is today. She has also won multiple awards based on her success, leadership qualities, knowledge on HR tech, and more. Never miss an update from her by connecting with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Linda Ginac Headshot

6. Monique Garlington

As Director of Product Management at ADP, Monique is at the center of one of the largest HR tech companies today. She’s a motivated individual and her experience goes beyond the HR tech industry, making her the type of person you want on your team. You can find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Monique Garlington Headshot

7. Kate Graham

By spending more than a decade working in L&D and the HR industry, Kate has a great grasp on new technologies emerging in the market. She’s social chair of Learning Technologies, considered the world’s leading L&D event, and she also sits on the judging panel of the Learning Technologies Awards and the LPI’s Learning Awards. You can hear her directly on the podcast Training Journal, which she co-hosts, or you can find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Kate Graham Headshot

8. Alexandra Cavoulacos

Alexandra is one of the few people in the world to be named one of Forbes Top 30 Under 30. She’s the founder and CEO of The Muse, an organization which aims to connect people with great careers and help companies find great employees. She’s also the author of The New Rules of Work. You can keep up with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Alexandra Cavoulacos Headshot

9. Chris Havrilla

As apparent through her role as the VP of HR Technology and Solution Provider Strategy at Deloitte Consulting, Chris knows a lot about the HR tech industry. She loves learning about the latest trends in the industry and how that can improve human resources. Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Chris Havrilla Headshot

10. Jackye Clayton

Jackye has found great success in the human resources industry. As Director of Customer Success with HiringSolved, she helps talent acquisition leaders find the best path to hiring top talent. She also has lots of research experience and a great person to look to if you need some hr tech advice. You can find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Jackye Clayton Headshot

11. Gretchen Alarcon

Gretchen has more than 20 years of experience in product strategy, which she uses in her role as VP of Product Strategy at Oracle to express the importance of modernizing talent acquisition and human resources by integrating with cloud apps. Check out everything she does on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Gretchen Alarcon Headshot

12. Meghan M. Biro

Meghan is the founder of TalentCulture and is recognized around the globe as being a talent management and HR tech brand specialist. She is also the founder of the online #WorkTrends community, which also has a podcast of the same name that she hosts. You can connect with her online through LinkedIn or Twitter.

Meghan M. Biro Headshot

13. Jessica Miller-Merrell

Jessica has a passion for the human resources industry most people can only envy. She’s the founder of Workology and travels around the world speaking about HR, recruiting, and technology. Her LinkedIn and Twitter accounts are the best places to find her.

Jessica Miller-Merrell Headshot

14. Kieran Snyder

As CEO and co-founder of Textio, a company which analyzes job posts to discover commonalities between successful ones, Kieran is one of the women at the forefront of human resources technology. You can connect with her through LinkedIn and Twitter.

Kieran Snyder Headshot

15. Littal Shemer Haim

With more than two decades of research experience in human resources topics, Littal is someone you definitely want to be following. She helps organizations improve their performance by making informed hiring decisions powered by data. Check her out on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Littal Shemer Haim Headshot