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Group Interview

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Jun 27, 2024
Group Interview
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The term “group interview” is used to refer to a situation where one or more interviewers conduct an interview with multiple candidates simultaneously. In most cases, group interviews are conducted to observe how potential candidates interact with each other, how they conduct themselves in a group or team environment.


Group interviews allow interviewers to compare candidates and observe which ones rise to the top.


While group interviews have advantages for the selectors, there are some disadvantages. 


  • Selectors must have strong interviewing skills.

  • There is limited time to get to know the candidates individually. 

  • The group’s dominant candidates have an advantage and can overpower more introverted candidates, and the dominant candidate may not necessarily be the best person for the job. 


Sometimes, group interview is a term used to refer to an interview with multiple company representatives interviewing one candidate. The correct term for this type of interview is panel interview or panel group interview, with the panel consisting of multiple company representatives. 




In the retail and hospitality industries, employees have to work well with other people, including both co-workers and customers. If an employer wants to see how candidates interact with other people, the company may interview more than one candidate simultaneously.


Related Terms

Panel Interview

is a term that refers to a scenario where more than one company representative interviews one applicant. In panel interviews, the company representatives are usually from different departments and can include a human resources team member, hiring manager, and department supervisor for the available position.

Panel Group Interview

is an interview in which more than one company representative interviews two or more candidates concurrently.
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