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Talent Pipeline

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May 14, 2024
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Talent Pipeline


A talent pipeline is a pre-vetted collection of qualified candidates who are prepared to step into an open position, filling key organizational roles when they become vacant. A talent pipeline provides employers with a pool of applicants that can be accessed when positions open. Talent pipelines can consist of the following:


  • Candidates from online job portals and referrals

  • Top-performing internal employees

  • Individuals recruiters met in person at career fairs

  • Candidates who have been interviewed in the past


Companies can build a talent pipeline so that they aren’t solely focused on finding the ideal candidate every time there is a job opening, which is known as reactive hiring. With a talent pipeline, an organization can have a reliable and targeted group of qualified applicants, and the pipeline can transform a company’s recruitment and hiring into a cost-effective and efficient proactive process.




If an essential employee manages a large team or performs decides to resign, the void caused by this individual’s absence can be costly to the company. Having a talent pipeline can streamline the process of replacing this employee without having to spend time starting at the beginning of the recruitment and hiring process. 


Related Terms

Candidate Pipeline

is the term referring to a pool of potential candidates being considered by a recruiter or hiring manager. In some cases, the term may also be used to mean the same as candidate journey.

Candidate Journey

refers to the seven stages or steps that candidates go through during the recruitment and hiring process: awareness, consideration, interest, application, selection, hiring, and onboarding.

Hiring Pool

is a term used interchangeably with talent pipeline and candidate pipeline. However, a hiring pool often consists of applicants who have been flagged as potentially qualified candidates rather than candidates who a recruiter has met in person.

Active Candidate

refers to individuals who are actively seeking work. An active candidate is frequently searching job boards, actively applying for positions, or may already be interviewing with one or more companies. Active candidates may be employed or unemployed.

Passive Candidate

refers to candidates who are happily employed and not looking for a new job. A passive candidate has not applied for a recruiter’s open position, but the recruiter or hiring manager is considering them for a specific position. In some cases, passive candidates are already employed at the recruiter’s company.

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