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Interview scheduling software can help you eliminate taking time out of your day to book appointments with candidates.

VidCruiter’s software will automate the process and help keep everything in one convenient spot.

Scheduling Calendar so Applicants Can Add a Time That Suits Them

Automatically Schedule Any Type of Recruitment Event

Remove the hassles of scheduling time to meet with job applicants with VidCruiter’s Interview Scheduling software. The automated scheduling software gives you the flexibility you need to book any event related to your hiring process. The software also works on mobile devices, accommodating both candidates and hiring managers.

Eliminate Phone Tag and Long Email Threads

The system allows candidates to select an interview time you previously set aside in your calendar. It will then send notifications to all parties involved of the time and date selection, eliminating the need to make multiple calls or send many emails to figure out what date and time works for everyone.

Guy Trying to Figure out an Interview Time

You Can Customize Schedules to Your Needs

Everyone Gets the Information That They Need

After selecting a date, the system will send the appropriate interview guides and rubrics to interviewers automatically. You can customize what information to send to which people, allowing you to deliver the relevant resources or digital interview guides when needed.

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Integrates With Your Calendar

Our automated scheduler integrates with a variety of online calendars including Google, Outlook, iCloud, Office 365, Exchange and more. Once you book something in your calendar, the scheduling system will automatically remove the time from your availability.

Integrate Different Kinds of Calendars

Availability Calendar That You Can Manage

Easily Manage Your Availability

You can choose to set your availability on a daily basis or copy it for weeks at a time. Custom settings allow you to adjust your availability to meet specific requirements. If you’re busy, the system will allow other members of your team to manage your calendar.

You Decide When to Send Reminder Notifications

This software allows you to send an unlimited amount of reminder notifications at any time before the interview. You can also customize the notifications with relevant information for the event.

Set Reminders for Scheduled Interviews

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“This week we were short-staffed but because we had been using VidCruiter for our applicants, we were still able to book interviews where we previously wouldn’t have been able to, given the same circumstances, due to time restrictions.”

Matt Hranka

Evergreen Sourcing

“Saves a lot of effort and time compared to traditional methods, and is the best way to recruit from other provinces or countries.”

Amr Selim


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VidCruiter’s Interview Scheduling Tool Is the Simplest Way to Set up a Recruitment Event with Any of These Great Products.

VidCruiter’s interview scheduling tool is the perfect way to set up a hassle-free live video interview with a candidate.

Use VidCruiter’s applicant tracking system to easily manage all of the events that you schedule throughout the recruitment process.

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