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Share real-time availability and let candidates choose their time slot with no manual work required.

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Automatically share real-time availability

Integrate multiple calendars to ensure there’s no double booking.

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Empower candidates with flexible interview options

Allow candidates to choose how they interview with your company – in-person, on the phone or virtually.

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Keep everyone accountable with timely reminders

Ensure everyone is prepared with automated SMS/email interview notifications and reminders.

Effortlessly organize your time

Make the best use of your time with integrated calendar options and configurable availability windows.

  • Each hiring manager can sync multiple calendars to accurately show availability
  • Availability is updated in real-time, based on integrated calendar info
  • Hiring managers or their coordinators manually set availability blocks based on interview format or hiring stage
Effortless Calendar Organization
Empower Candidates to choose the type of interview

Empower candidates with self-scheduling

Allow candidates to interview at their best by empowering them to choose the time and even the type of interview they perform.

  • In a candidate-focused market, give them flexibility over their interview type – from in-person to pre-recorded
  • Increase completion rates by allowing candidates to schedule their preferred interview format
  • Time slots are shown based on interviewer availability and by interview format

Use clear communication to keep everyone on-track

Automatically send pre-interview and follow-up communications via SMS and email notifications.

  • Keep hiring managers accountable with scheduled interview reminders
  • Reduce no shows by sending timely SMS notifications to candidates
  • Share relevant attachments based on the hiring stage/ interview type, such as interview guides or preparation tips
Automated communication reminders
Share your calander with candidates in 1 click

Share your calendar with candidates with just one click

Recruiters can share their personal scheduling links for candidates to book an interview around their availability.

  • Easy book 1:1s by sharing personal availability with candidates via email, SMS or even social media
  • Fully-branded scheduling page built around your business
  • Each recruiter can customize their scheduling page using video and text to welcome candidates

Schedule Any Interview, From 1:1s to Panel

Understand applicants in a way that works for you with scheduling that can be configured for virtually any interview format.

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One-on-one interviewing

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In-person interviewing

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Panel interviewing

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Group interviewing

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Round robin interviewing

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Virtual hiring events

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Hybrid interviewing

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Video proctoring

Show availability based on multiple interviewer’s schedules

Depending on the interview, you may want specific interviewers to be present, or simply a certain number of interviewers. Easily configure who needs to be available for a time slot to show up.

Compare multiple interviewers calanders
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“Now we can use automatic email reminders so candidates won’t forget about their interview”.

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VidCruiter offers a variety of pre-built and custom integrations to seamlessly exist alongside your current software.

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Why VidCruiter’s automated interview scheduling tool?

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On-demand candidate

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Automated reminders &

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Real-time calendar

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Enable candidates to
choose interview format

Reduce ghosting, empower candidates and minimize admin work with automated interview scheduling