Get New Hires Set up Quicker with Video-Based Employee Training and Onboarding

Onboarding Software

Have Your New Hires up to Speed in No Time and Provide Them with the Top Training Tools to Continue Their Employee Development

Get New Hires Onboard Smoothly

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VidOnboarding makes finding time to train new hires easy with videos and other software tools. You can also include welcome videos from managers or share insights from employees to help your new employees feel at home.

Reduce Training and Development Costs

Training new staff costs a lot when considering the time other employees have taken out of their day. But you can let VidTrainer do the work and spend that money elsewhere. VidCruiter has no per-user fee or data storage costs. Our model consists of a low, flat price per position filled. It includes unlimited users and bandwidth, support, implementation, customization, upgrades, and more.

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Let New Employees Learn at Their Own Pace


People learn in different ways and at different speeds. Whether in a classroom or a one-on-one setting, new hires may not grasp everything you want them to learn right away. With VidTrainer, new hires can learn at their own pace, making sure they know the materials completely.

Coordinate Between Departments

Coordinating training initiatives between departments can be a logistics nightmare. But you can efficiently organize training between departments by tracking tasks and sharing responsibilities with VidCruiter’s human resource management software.

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Increase Your Retention

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It’s not uncommon for staff to leave your organization because they feel they didn’t receive adequate training. Employees may feel they are not keeping up or doing well in the new job if undertrained. VidTrainer educates your recruits properly, so they know what to expect in the new position.

Share Your Company Culture Easily

New hires may not understand the company culture immediately. But VidTrainer also works as a branding tool, allowing new hires to gain insight into your company culture through the training curriculum. New employees will feel like they’re part of the team right from the start as a result.

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Track Your Onboarding Process

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Keeping track of your onboarding can be tricky because you are trying to keep up with other tasks. VidOnboarding tracks and collects information at all stages of the training process, making managing onboarding workflow simple. As the training administrator, you have access to real-time reporting and can see when new employees have completed their training, how long they took, and what scores they achieved.

A Learning Portal for All Your Stakeholders

Our system is ideal for distributed workforces, and you can easily extend learning to partners and clients if desired. Our system allows you to manage and customize your learning requirements quickly and can easily integrate with existing systems. You can also deploy in multiple different languages.


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