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What to Ask When Choosing a Video Interviewing Provider

Questions to Ask Before You Buy

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Mar 25, 2024
Buying Questions

There are many things to consider when investing in a new technology, especially one that helps screen and manage your company’s most important resource: your employees! If your role involves finding the right candidate for a job, we can help you find the right solution and the right people to hire. Here are some of the most beneficial questions to ask yourself, your coworkers, and any video interviewing provider that you’re considering—before you sign a contract.

Integrate Smoothly

How Smoothly Does the Software Integrate into My Existing Hiring Processes?

Look for a solution that complements and enhances what you’re already doing. Does the technology work seamlessly and intuitively? It should be easy to make changes to the platform to accommodate different wants and needs, which vary across industries.

Ask whether or not the video interviewing provider can help with all stages of recruitment. Why try to integrate multiple vendors when you can have the same functionality in one standalone solution? In case there are occasions when integrating with other software is valuable, be sure to also inquire about integration options, too.

Learning Curve

What’s the Learning Curve Like?

Ease of use is a huge consideration when it comes time to select an online recruitment software to meet your ever-evolving hiring needs. There’s no sense buying software if people in your organization won’t adopt it. It doesn’t matter how many features a solution has if no one uses it.

Proper training can make a big difference in whether or not digital recruitment gains traction internally. Without support, you’re stuck figuring out new technology on your own—and you may end up having to teach applicants how to use it, too. An online hiring platform should make your job easier, not harder!

Find out how easy it is to use an interviewing provider by booking a demo. Learn firsthand if it provides a user-friendly experience that seems like a good fit for your organization. Make sure to ask questions during the demo to better understand the onboarding process, as well as your options for subsequent training, if needed.

Multiple Languages

Is It Available in Multiple Languages?

Some businesses and organizations such as those in Canada need a bilingual online recruitment software to support English and French. Countries like the USA may require an online hiring solution that works in both English and Spanish. Many European countries need the ability to virtually interview candidates in multiple languages.

Ideally, the video platform you select offers more than a simple translation tool. A comprehensive solution will allow everyone—applicants, references, recruiters and administrators—to choose the language of their choice at all stages of the hiring process. This helps break down language barriers to enhance the hiring experience for all.

Vidcruiter Secure

How Secure Is the Platform?

As an HR professional, protecting sensitive information is part of your job. Make sure the software provider can keep data—of your company and your candidates—safe.

Does the interviewing platform take proactive security steps like using firewalls, performing frequent backups, and hosting data in secure loss prevention servers? Are they certified and compliant with local laws? Do they use secure encryption algorithms? Do they share or sell your data? When it comes to security, there are lots of questions to ask!

Brand Look and Feel

Will I Lose the Look and Feel of My Brand?

Once your organization has established a strong brand, you want to proudly display your logo across all online presences—including video interviewing. Can the provider provide you with this option?

Better yet, ask if you can share video content profiling your company and introducing job applicants to the team as part of the platform. This way, applicants get a sneak peek of your company culture and a better understanding of what it’s like to work there, helping them better self-assess whether or not they’d be a good fit for the position.

Positive Job Applicants

Will Job Applicants Have a Positive Experience Using It?

To attract top talent and protect your brand, you must provide a positive candidate experience from the first moment you connect. A smooth virtual interview platform can mean the difference between a successful hire and the “one that got away.”

How and when can candidates get support if they need it? The best-case scenario is a platform that offers 24/7 support through telephone, email or a built-in chat feature. Ask what kind of response time you can expect from customer service.

Easy to Collaborate

How Easy Is It to Collaborate?

Ask about user roles, groups, and permissions, as well as best practices for collaborating using the technology. Make sure the interviewing solution you pick works for everyone involved in the hiring process.

Can multiple people participate in interviews? Can they share their computer screens or private chat during the interview? How easy is it to share video interviews and feedback afterward? Learn how automation can accelerate collaboration by eliminating tedious tasks and keeping everyone organized.

Video Platform Cost

How Much Does It Cost?

Naturally, you’ll want to know how much the technology costs! Ask what’s included and what’s not included in the pricing package. For example, is the price determined per job posting? Per interview volume? Per hire? Are there any set-up fees? How does the billing work? What are the terms of cancellation? Asking questions like these minimize unpleasant surprises down the road.

Keep in mind that a free (or cheap) technology may have low-quality videos and a frustrating, glitch-filled experience. They aren’t designed for the complexities of hiring, limiting the functionality and efficiency of your entire recruitment process.

Companies that haven’t yet embraced video spend more money and take more time to hire new employees—and yet they still often miss out on the best fit for the job. VidCruiter can offer you a complete recruitment solution unlike any other vendor in the world. We help you connect with top talent worldwide so you can offer people work they can’t resist.

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