8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Video Interviewing Software

Questions to ask yourself

Do They Have a Global Presence?

Global and localized hiring solution

VidCruiter has more than 100 knowledgeable Employees, Contractors, and Resellers located in over 20 countries around the world.

Our team will help you customize the VidCruiter platform to match your culture and unique recruitment needs. The VidCruiter solution is currently offered in 10 languages, with an additional language being added every 2 months.

VidCruiter’s global network of human resource and software professionals will ensure that you receive the best possible customer service, regardless of your location.

Over 75% of our staff can speak 2-4 different languages, which enables us to provide you with an even greater level of service. If requested, a member of our team can even meet with you in-person in most major metropolitan centers around the world.

Will They Provide my Recruitment Team and Applicants with a Positive User Experience?

Offering a positive candidate experience has become an important component of an organization’s corporate branding. Video quality, ease of use and ability to handle a large volume of candidates, are crucial considerations when it comes to selecting a solution that will meet your needs. Some vendors will offer a discounted package that typically results in low-quality videos and a frustrating and glitch-filled experience for your applicants. Many low-cost providers are unable to handle larger volumes of candidates, which limits the functionality and efficiency of your entire recruitment process.

With VidCruiter, you can ensure that your organization will receive the maximum benefit by creating a positive experience for both your recruitment team and applicants. A Dedicated Account Manager will train and assist your recruitment team in setting up your first position(s) and ensure that your organization offers the best possible candidate experience. Your applicants will also have access to 24/7 support that will help them move through the recruitment process seamlessly.

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How Will the Solution Coordinate With my Existing Recruitment Processes?

Integration with existing processes

If you consistently hire for the same position with the same steps, then a simple plug-in solution may work for you. If you have multiple different positions and recruitment processes, then you will need a more advanced and flexible solution. What is the point of implementing a solution that restricts your ability to adapt to your recruitment process as needed?

VidCruiter has spent over 5 years developing a workflow and business intelligence engine that allows you to customize your recruitment process on a per position basis.

It does not matter whether you are hiring for executive or entry level positions, the system can be adapted to match any recruitment process as simple or complex as you need with as much or as little automation as you want. Every VidCruiter workflow you create can integrate with your existing systems, giving you increased functionality. For example, emails can be sent at specific times, or you can have your CEO approve candidates from a mobile device. Everything you can imagine is available in an easy to use drag and drop system. VidCruiter’s level of integration customization is unparalleled in the market.

How Accessible is the Solution?

The rapid growth of technology has provided organizations with a variety of means to access information and perform their duties. It is important that the solution you choose is compatible with the
devices that your organization uses on a daily basis.

VidCruiter offers its clients one of the world’s most accessible recruitment platforms. The platform was designed to work seamlessly on all devices including, computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

If your organization operates in a variety of different countries or is required to offer a bilingual application, you will need a solution that supports multiple languages.

The VidCruiter platform was built with multilingual capabilities and can be customized to meet the needs of any organization. Languages can be set up on a per user or per department basis, and you can give applicants the option of applying in the language of their choice.

Is Video Interviewing the Only Thing That will Help my Organization?

Complete solution to aid businesses

Video hiring is one of many ways that your organization can save time and money with its recruitment. Even if you are only considering video interviewing right now, selecting a vendor that can provide you with other valuable options in the future can be extremely beneficial. Would you prefer having to integrate and coordinate with multiple solutions and vendors in the future or have the same functionality in one complete hiring solution?

VidCruiter is more than just a leading video interview provider. The entire line of VidCruiter products will help you optimize all stages of your recruitment process. With VidCruiter, you have access to advanced workflows, automated reference checking, digital structured in-person or video conference interviews, video onboarding, and so much more.

With a complete hiring solution, you will have access to an endless number of possibilities. Here is one of the hundreds of different ways that the VidCruiter products can combine to help you:

Imagine a scenario where you are conducting an interview with 2 in-person interviewers and 3 interviewers joining through a video conference. With VidCruiter, all 5 interviewers can access the same interview guides from any device and score the candidate in real time. At the end of the interview, all the scores are automatically calculated and organized within the system.

What Kind of Learning Curve will There be Before I Receive the Full Benefit?

It does not matter how many features a solution has if your recruitment team does not know how to utilize them effectively. How practical is a solution that takes your team months to get up and running? It is important to ensure that the vendor you select can make your transition to web interviews as seamless as possible.

VidCruiter provides every client with a Dedicated Account Manager that will have your organization up and running in minutes. Your Dedicated Account Manager will help you build your workflows and your first few positions.

Our data entry team will take your questions, interview guides, etc. and put them into the platform for you. Everything can be saved as a template to help you quickly set up your future positions. You will be experiencing the platform’s benefits instantly, without having to spend hours of your time on training.

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Can I Rely on the Company to be There for me in the Future?

When selecting a provider you want to ensure that they will be around to grow with you in the future. Choosing a company that won’t last will only leave you starting your search again.

We are already backed by an incredible group of clients, including some of the largest top 50 global corporations. We currently serve hundreds of clients from various industries all around the world.

At VidCruiter, we consider our clients as the key stakeholders in our future and constantly strive to grow with them. Our team will go above and beyond to ensure our client’s needs are met. Our dedication is one of the primary reason why a number of our clients switched to us from other vendors.

What Level of Innovation can I Expect?

When selecting a vendor it is important to consider how effective their offering will be in the years to come. Being locked in with an obsolete product can have a number of damaging effects for your organization.

Discussing a vendor’s vision and innovation efforts will help give you a better idea of their ongoing value.

VidCruiter was founded with the vision of being so much more than a simple add-on to another system. VidCruiter’s powerful workflow system has resulted from our founder’s vision of building a complete recruiting solution, and we have not deviated from this goal since day 1. Our team is dedicated to constantly evolving the VidCruiter offering and making sure we remain as a worldleading recruitment platform provider.

We are currently working on a number of exciting innovations that will continue to provide our clients with the best recruitment experience in the industry. One example is our partnership with a technology that has over $20 million invested in it to develop VidAssessment, a product that will help score applicants for you during an online interview.

At VidCruiter, innovation never stops.

Feel free to ask us about VidAssessment or any of the other cutting-edge features and products we have in our pipeline.

By asking yourself these questions, you will see why VidCruiter can offer you a complete recruitment solution unlike any other vendor in the world.

We challenge you to put the VidCruiter platform to the test! We guarantee you will be happy if you do. Perhaps you will even be as lucky as some of our users that were able to use the platform and get themselves promoted after their organization implemented VidCruiter.

Engage, interview and hire top talent, faster, with VidCruiter.