Structured Interviews Double Your Odds of Hiring the Right Person

Personnes se réunissant pour une entrevue

Never make the wrong hire again by implementing structured digital interviews.

Ask every candidate the same question and analyze data to ensure the person you hire will do the job well. Also, give applicants an idea of what the company culture is like, reducing turnover rates.

Eliminate Personal Biases

People Meeting for an Interview

In unstructured interview scenarios different questions to different candidates. Interviewers may also sway in their decision due to characteristics which have nothing to do with the candidate’s ability to do the job. With structured interviews, candidates are selected based on objective rankings, not subjective instincts.

Protect Yourself From Lawsuits

Protecting Yourself with Structured Interviews

Structured job interviews can act as a legal defense against any unfounded charges of discrimination. When every candidate goes through the same process – one that adheres to government regulations – it’s easier to prove the interviewer didn’t consider any illegal criteria.

Works With All Types of Interviews

Applicant Doing a Live Interview

VidCruiter’s Digital Structured Interviews were designed to work with a variety of interview formats. It’s possible to use digital versions of interview guides for pre-recorded video interviews, in-person interviews, and live video interviews.

Establish a Reliable Scoring Baseline

Rating System During Digital Interviews

During digital video interviews, rubrics and rankings appear on the screen. Doing this allows interviewers to quickly scan the rubric, see what each score means, and choose the appropriate one for the candidate in front of them. Managers can keep their focus where it needs to be instead of switching back and forth between the candidate and the guide.

Completely Digital Data Collection

Digital Data Lets Hiring Managers Digitize and Customize Their Systems

VidCruiter’s advanced rating system will let hiring managers digitize and customize any rubric or interview guide. The system automatically captures data for every applicant. Interviewers no longer need to record notes on paper and manage stacks of interview guides.

Automatic Candidate Rankings

Candidates Get Ranked Automatically and Instantly

Our software calculates candidate rankings automatically and instantly. As soon as each interviewer records their score for a given response, VidCruiter takes these results and calculates the ranking in real-time. Hiring managers are then able to identify top candidates quickly.

Find What You Are Looking For in an Applicant

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Our system can search for specific skills you’re looking for in an applicant. Just specify the criteria and the system will present you only with applicants who possess the skills you need.

Customized to What Your Business Needs

Digital Interviews Are Customized to Your Business' Needs

Every VidCruiter digital interview is customizable. The platform allows you to build a customized workflow for each position based on your current recruitment process. VidCruiter’s flexibility ensures the system adapts to your needs instead of making you adjust to a rigid digital interviewing software. Custom workflows can also be saved as templates, making the setup of future positions even easier.

Engage, interview and hire top talent, faster, with VidCruiter.