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The Client

StorageVault Canada Inc. (SVI) is the largest and fastest-growing self-storage company in Canada. Access Storage, Sentinel Storage, Depotium Mini-Entrepôt, and Cubeit Portable Storage are SVI’s regional self-storage brands, representing the company's largest segment.

SVI also provides last-mile storage and logistics solutions through FlexSpace Logistics and professional records management services, such as document and media storage, imaging, and shredding services, through RecordXpress. Other divisions include ParkIt, PUPS Containers, and StorageVault Containers.

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The Challenge

SVI operates over 238 storage locations across Canada and owns 4,500 portable storage units. It seeks to leverage HR technology to fuel its growth and unlock a new level of hiring excellence.

SVI sought a solution to enable bilingual hiring, standardize interviewing from coast to coast, empower hiring managers, and simplify interview scheduling. The recruitment team was also specifically looking to reduce manual, repetitive work, better manage candidate flow through the recruitment funnel, and leverage its hiring data.

To accomplish all of this, SVI required a recruitment platform that offers advanced automation and customization, and enables structured interviewing, while still allowing for flexibility to account for regional differences.

SVI was also looking to reduce candidate drop-off throughout the process. Like in many high-volume hiring situations, no-shows or late cancellation(s) are common, or people will attend the interview as a courtesy. Through job boards, SVI also received many applications for in-person roles from people outside of the geographic regions where it was hiring. These factors made screening and interview scheduling more work for everyone involved in the hiring process.

SVI saw these challenges as opportunities to enhance and improve every step of the candidate experience. To turn its hiring program into another competitive advantage, it needed a tech solution to streamline everything and give the hiring team complete visibility through real-time reporting and control over the process and job postings.

SVI selected VidCruiter to modernize and automate its recruitment workflow. In addition to offering all the benefits SVI was looking for, it was crucial to the company’s recruitment team that hiring managers buy into any changes to the hiring process. VidCruiter’s dedicated account manager and customized training were what SVI needed to get the hiring managers on board.

SVI launched hiring for Access Storage, Sentinel Storage, and Depotium Mini-Entrepôt through VidCruiter. These three brands represent the majority of jobs in the entire company.

Cathie Boelho

“Once we had a roadmap to follow, VidCruiter let us make adjustments along the way to ensure it's accurate to what we're doing. Every step in the process has a purpose and makes sense so our managers can just follow the program.”

Cathie Botelho

Talent Acquisition Manager,

StorageVault Canada

Employees Working

The Solution

SVI’s hiring programs for Access Storage, Sentinel Storage, and Depotium Mini-Entrepôt are all organized in VidCruiter’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Now that candidate information and documentation for SVI are consolidated in an ATS, everything is readily available, and the recruitment team controls the entire process.

Having a VidCruiter ATS allows SVI to leverage advanced reporting to launch conversations internally, track progress, and use it to enhance processes. Managing all the hiring and interviewing for three brands in one place has also made it possible to transfer applicants between brands to reduce candidate drop-off.

Within the ATS, VidCruiter’s automation takes care of the repetitive manual work, so SVI’s recruiters can focus on managing candidate movement through the recruitment funnel and pursuing new opportunities and partnerships to get the word out about the company and its roles.

The live interviewing platform platform allows SVI to introduce elements of standardization into its interviewing process to unify the interview experience from coast to coast. As an added but important bonus, every element of the interview process is fully branded, from the application page to the automated emails, creating a sleek and uniform candidate experience.

VidCruiter’s structured digital interviews allow SVI to provide guides and scorecards while still allowing hiring managers to influence their processes. Everything is embedded in the platform, making following the process easy.

SVI also took advantage of VidCruiter’s interview scheduling software in order to eliminate the time spent booking interviews and reduce no-shows. The process to report a no-show used to be onerous, and now it’s a couple of clicks.


“Automated scheduling lets us take back control of how we schedule things and movement through the whole pipeline from beginning to end.”

Cathie Botelho

Talent Acquisition Manager,

StorageVault Canada

The scheduling software seriously simplifies scheduling for both the candidate and the interviewers. Hiring managers click the link in the automated email or SMS notification they receive from VidCruiter’s automated scheduler and can view candidate profiles, confirm an applicant’s status, or view interview guides. They can get the needed information or redelegate tasks without logging in to the platform or contacting recruitment.

Candidates book, cancel, and reschedule interviews based on the interviewers' real-time availability. Automated and templated SMS messages and emails keep candidates informed every step of the way with interview instructions, notifications, and reminders, which saves the recruitment team precious time and energy.

When hiring managers need staff, they fill out a requisition form that’s connected to SVI’s VidCruiter ATS. The recruitment team posts the role, and it gets automatically pushed to pre-determined job sites in one step. This efficiency is possible because VidCruiter created a custom career page for SVI, so its job postings no longer live solely on external job boards.

Another benefit of the custom career page is that it allows SVI to place QR codes in-store so potential applicants can scan them and see what roles are open at that location. The custom career page also has a geolocator that detects the candidate's location and shows them in-person jobs in their area as a control feature to prevent candidates from applying for jobs in the wrong places.

SVI’s custom career page reaches the right candidates, showcases its employer brand, and shares information about the company and its values with applicants, attracting higher-quality candidates.

To increase the volume of applicants, SVI uses VidCruiter’s Quick Apply function so candidates can apply instantly with their existing Indeed resume. Quick Apply allows SVI to strategically target specific job postings for paid promotions.

Overall, implementing an end-to-end solution has allowed SVI to gain total visibility into its process and start planning for the future. Whenever the hiring team needs help, they use VidCruiter’s help button to get issues solved and back on track.

Of all the solutions SVI considered, it chose VidCruiter because the platform is powerful and flexible enough to support high-volume hiring for all eight brands. Even though some brands have different security requirements, they can use VidCruiter because of its government-level security standards.


“Cancellation(s) notifications give us the opportunity to fill the interview spot with somebody we can move forward with. It really shortens the hiring timeline.”

Cathie Botelho

Talent Acquisition Manager,

StorageVault Canada

People moving boxes

The Results

SVI’s custom career site, powered by VidCruiter, expects 50,000 applications in its first year. Enabling its hiring process with an end-to-end platform has elevated SVI’s overall workflow in ways the recruitment team hoped for and in some ways they never expected.

Every element of the hiring funnel exists in the digital workflow, even the uniform selection step after hiring, so there’s no longer paper involved in SVI’s hiring process for Access Storage, Sentinel Storage, and Depotium Mini-Entrepôt.

With help from customized training resources and demo videos, the hiring team learned how to use the platform and quickly realized what was possible using VidCruiter. Since implementation, SVI has achieved 100% regional manager compliance amongst those who have hired using the VidCruiter platform.

SVI’s first hire using VidCruiter took 14 days, the fastest in the company’s history. Before VidCruiter, it took 20 days (on average), representing a one-third reduction in time to hire. VidCruiter’s ATS brought everything together, and the interview guide provides everything the interviewer needs, all in one window and one platform, so nothing gets missed, and interviewing and decision-making are more streamlined and structured overall.

In addition to a faster process, the volume of admin work has decreased by 20-25% per person, thanks to VidCruiter’s platform automation. That time is now spent removing blockages from the process — which they can identify immediately thanks to VidCruiter’s ATS — and exploring untapped opportunities to attract candidates. Having the capacity to secure new partnerships and ways to promote its positions is essential to developing a stronger talent pipeline.

VidCruiter’s automated interview scheduler empowers recruiters and regional managers to manually set their interview availability to better schedule their work and protect time for important tasks.


“Automated scheduling lets us take control of how we schedule and the candidate flow through the whole pipeline from beginning to end.”

Cathie Botelho

Talent Acquisition Manager,

StorageVault Canada

Storage Units

Another result of working with VidCruiter is targeting and attracting bilingual candidates in Quebec for Depotium Mini-Entrepôt. VidCruiter’s recruitment platform is available in multiple languages, so SVI can create bilingual positions on its custom career page.

SVI seamlessly turns requisitions into posted roles on its custom career page. The postings get pushed automatically to pre-selected job boards, including some it wasn’t using previously, increasing the volume of applicants applying. SVI’s custom career page attracts more quality candidates. Additionally, adding Quick Apply expands SVI’s reach and makes it easier for candidates to apply on Indeed.

Together, Quick Apply, the custom career page, and automation improve the candidate experience. This is seen by an increase in the quality and volume of candidates applying with a decrease in candidate drop-off.


“When candidates get the automated email thanking them for applying and encouraging them to reapply, they often reply back saying thank you. I think that final email is the most important of all.”

Cathie Botelho

Talent Acquisition Manager,

StorageVault Canada

Implementing a new hiring platform that uses structured interviewing created a conversation internally around core competencies. SVI is moving forward with a clear vision of hiring success, and as this vision evolves, VidCruiter will be there every step of the way. SVI has translated this vision into VidCruiter’s interview scorecards to more easily identify candidates who embody the company’s core values and have the necessary job competencies from interviews.

SVI’s story shows how automation, standardization, and customization can improve a large-scale hiring program and the quality of candidates it attracts, and help people work more efficiently and effectively.

“We're a million miles away from where we started which is really exciting because there's a million more to go.”

Cathie Botelho

Talent Acquisition Manager,

StorageVault Canada Inc.

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