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Automated Hiring

Your Automated Hiring Database

Have you ever come across a candidate with a great profile that does not fit your current job position? With VidCruiter, you can keep all applicant files stored if you need them in the future. With the VidCruiter system, you can make folders, notes or even add tags to an applicant that will allow you to store and easy access any applicant information at any time. Not only will VidCruiter help you find the candidate you need today, we will also help you build a database of applicants for your future opening positions.

automated hiring

Our System Stores Everything

Sometimes a great candidate may apply for a position that does not quite match their skills but you think they would still be a valuable part of your team. Our automated recruiting system is here to help you! A great team means outstanding work. Therefore, our system will store every candidate’s information for any future endeavors that you may need.

hiring automation

Save Time with VidCruiter

Not only will video interviewing give you the opportunity to hire great candidates you may need in the future, it also saves you time! Instead of you starting from scratch and going through the long hiring process for all your available job positions our automated hiring system allows you to scan continually through previous profiles and resumes. Starting your candidate search in your customized database will be a major time saver that will allow your recruitment team to focus on other important tasks.

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