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Why Recruiters Are Embracing Mobile-Friendly Hiring Software

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Tamara Gravelle

May 1, 2019

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Why Recruiters Are Embracing Mobile-Friendly Hiring Software

Every day, job seekers choose not to apply to an open position for the sole reason that it’s too much of a hassle to submit an application from their mobile device. Almost every adult (and many teens) now own a smartphone, and most use it more than a computer these days, especially when it comes to job hunting and applying for positions.

The human resources technology industry has been a little slow to realize this trend and jump on it, but it’s becoming apparent among recruiters that the need for a mobile-optimized hiring system is essential for efficient recruitment. As a result, more people working in HR are choosing to use recruitment software which features a mobile recruitment system.

It’s not hard to see why. Mobile recruiting is becoming more popular among candidates and can be one of the easiest methods for them to apply for job positions. But it also has many benefits for recruiters, too. Here are some of the top reasons why recruiters are embracing mobile hiring software:

1. Flexibility to Work From Anywhere

The main reason why recruiters enjoy a mobile recruitment system is it allows them to work from anywhere at any time. If recruiters need to travel for an event or have a long commute and want to get some work done during it, all they need to do is pull out their smartphone and start evaluating candidates. When you use software that has mobile accessibility, it’s not a hassle to do this. The mobile system will communicate with any other recruitment software you use, including applicant tracking systems, so all the changes you make on the go will be saved.

2. Provides a More Positive Candidate Experience

One of the more frustrating things about using smartphones for the internet is when a website isn’t mobile optimized. This becomes compounded if your device can load the online application process, but the lack of mobile optimization makes it almost impossible for a candidate to complete it or a recruiter to use it. By using a mobile recruitment system, you can bypass this problem completely. The software is designed to work on mobile devices, so there shouldn’t be any problems navigating it on a smartphone. This creates a better user experience and makes sure no candidate drops off as a result of a technological issue and no recruiter reverts back to an older, slower system because the new one isn’t working.

3. More Job Seekers are Choosing Mobile Options

With one-in-five Americans choosing to only access the internet through their smartphone, more job candidates are opting to search and apply for jobs using their mobile device. By not using a system that’s mobile-friendly, you’ll potentially miss out on some great candidates, one of which might be perfect for the job. It’s essential for recruiters to adapt to this societal change, which is one of the main reasons recruiters are using mobile hiring software. It helps ensure your job post connects with every applicant who wants to apply.

4. Make it Easy to Get in Contact with Candidates

Another option recruiters have when they choose a mobile recruiting system is automated text messaging. Marketers have known for a while how much more engagement you get with your audience when using SMS vs email tactics. SMS open rates can be as high as 98%, where emails land at about 20% and it takes about 90 seconds for a person to respond to a text versus the 90 minutes it usually takes for an email response. It’s a lot easier to get in contact with applicants if you choose to use text messaging over email. It can also help your team reduce the number of missed calls and back-and-forth which often happens when only using email and phone calls to contact your candidates. By being able to connect with and hear from candidates as quickly as possible, you’ll also be able to find the best person for the job sooner.

Getting Started With Mobile Hiring

There are many more benefits to using a mobile hiring system that recruiters are learning about each day. It’s definitely the way the industry is shifting and in a few years, it will likely become the main source for applicants to apply to jobs with. It’s essential for HR managers to make sure they keep up with this change or risk playing catch-up after missing out on some great candidates. If you’re looking for a mobile-friendly recruitment system, you’re in luck! VidCruiter has recently added the text recruiting feature to our extensive product portfolio. Never miss out on a good candidate again! You can learn more about mobile recruiting or by signing up for a live demo with one of our product specialists to learn about video interviewing.

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Tamara Gravelle

Tamara is a Content Writer at VidCruiter. She writes about recruitment challenges, strategy and tech trends in HR. She tweets @VidCruiter

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