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How To Prepare for and Succeed in an Interview Assessed by AI

Adejoke Adeboyejo Headshot

Adejoke Adeboyejo

August 18, 2023

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Interview-based AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is disrupting every industry right now. As of 2023, about 91.5% of leading companies such as Google, Pfizer, and General Motors have invested in AI technologies. Research by IBM showed that about 35% of organizations were using one form of AI technology or another. 

In hiring particularly, more companies are leveraging AI for the recruitment process. A recent survey by Resume Builder revealed that 10% of companies currently use AI interviews for prospective workers, and 43% plan on using AI chatbots in their hiring practices by 2024 or are using them already. 

How Do You Know if AI Is Part of the Recruiting Process?

AI can streamline and automate almost every step of the recruitment process now, but it’s not always obvious when employers use it. For example, one-way video interviews can be rated by humans or use AI-enabled facial recognition software to review candidate responses. Employers should tell you when AI is involved in evaluating interviews, but it’s not mandatory. 

You’re better off assuming that AI is part of the hiring process than not. The ultimate goal of all these tools that use AI in some way or another is to determine if you’re a good fit for the role.

How Does an AI Interview Differ From an Interview Conducted by a Human?

AI interviews and human interviews can both be biased, just in different ways.

AI tools depend on a large volume of data to learn, this means AI can adopt inherent bias that exists in the training data. It also has difficulty identifying its own bias, making it no better at mitigating bias in an interview than a human interviewer.

How can you prepare when your interview is AI-assisted? The following tips will help you understand the process and know what to expect.

Do Your Research About AI-Assisted Interviews

You need to understand how AI-assisted interviews work. For example, automated systems can analyze your responses, voice tone, word choices, body language, or facial expressions to determine if you’re a good fit. Understanding this will help you prepare the right responses and how to present yourself and your skills.

Practice With Mock AI Interviews

You can find mock interviews online that simulate what an AI interview might feel like. These mock interviews will give you an idea of what to expect, and you’ll get familiar with the type of questions that may be asked and the overall format. Mock interviews also help you think through your responses before the real interview.

Test Your Audiovisual and Tech Set-up

Make sure you have the right equipment and technology for the interview and test to see if they are working properly. Have a strong Wi-Fi connection, good lighting, and a sensible camera angle. If you are working on a laptop, plug it into a power source if it has a low battery.

Wear Appropriate Clothing and Use the Right Body Language

Just like a traditional interview, make sure you have the appropriate clothing for the interview and do not wear casual clothes. Your body language also matters, so remember to focus and keep eye contact with the camera and don't slouch or lean back in your seat (if you’re sitting). 

Highlight Relevant Experiences

Discuss your experience and education in detail like in a traditional interview. Give examples and demonstrate your skills as they align with the job requirements. Speak clearly and concisely while describing yourself and your work experience. Speak naturally and maintain a conversational tone throughout the interview.

Get Updates on AI Interview Trends

AI interview technologies will continue to evolve. As you continue your job search, try to stay updated on the latest technologies. Familiarizing yourself will boost your confidence for any upcoming interview.



AI interviews may not always be around in the future in the way we know them now. However, they are being broadly used today and will continue to add new dimensions to the recruitment process. Adequate preparation for AI interviews will give you an advantage over other candidates and land you the kind of job you want.


Adejoke Adeboyejo Headshot

Adejoke Adeboyejo

Adejoke is an experienced HR professional who writes about recruitment, employee engagement, and the role of technology in Human Resources.

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