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VidCruiter Now Integrates with SmartRecruiters

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Jessica Newman

March 18, 2021

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VidCruiter x SmartRecruiters

Does your hiring team use the SmartRecruiters platform to help power your recruitment efforts? Then you’re in luck! VidCruiter is proud to announce that our integration with this trusted partner is now ready for you.

What Is SmartRecruiters?

SmartRecruiters is an enterprise recruiting software that believes you are who you choose to hire. Those decisions define your organization and influence its successes and failures. 

The SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Suite moves beyond basic applicant tracking to provide full source-to-hire capabilities. It’s a tool that facilitates strategic hiring for the modern workforce.

How Does the New VidCruiter Integration Work?

The VidCruiter integration with SmartRecruiters software allows users of both technologies to maximize the advantages of the two platforms. 

With this new integration, mutual clients can work seamlessly within the VidCruiter platform and the SmartRecuiters platform with bilateral data exchange. It works with any of VidCruiter’s products, including:

Your talent acquisition team doesn’t want a patchwork solution. And now you don’t need to settle for one. We’ve combined the tools you love so they work well together.

“This new integration with SmartRecruiters can help hiring teams hire the right people, faster, in the most cost-effective way possible,” says JF Poirier, head of partnerships at VidCruiter. “We’re excited to partner with SmartRecruiters to deliver a robust hiring solution. It promotes better collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers, and helps organizations add structure and consistency to their interview process.”

Integrating Structured Interviews into Your Recruitment Process

Video interviewing is a popular approach to becoming more familiar with candidates even at a distance. It’s a perfect complement to SmartRecruiters’s technology, revealing much more than a one-dimensional resume ever could. 

You can include custom interview questions and digital rating guides, so your hiring team can better structure your recruitment process. VidCruiter’s purpose-built standardized interviewing process is an industry best practice, helping you simultaneously minimize hiring bias and diversify your workforce.

Start Using VidCruiter & SmartRecruiters Together 

You’re a smart recruiter. You’re likely wanting to get started right away, and we don’t blame you.

If you’re already a SmartRecruiters client, visit our listing on the SmartRecruiters Marketplace for more information! If you’re interested in scheduling a demo for your team, check out a VidCruiter Demo

For more information on SmartRecruiters, go to the SmartRecruiters website.

jessica newman Headshot

Jessica Newman

Jessica is a VidCruiter writer who cares about connecting people with meaningful work. She writes about talent attraction, HR challenges, and hiring best practices.

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