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Recruitment Marketing

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Apr 17, 2024
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Recruitment Marketing


Recruitment marketing is the process of using marketing methodologies or tactics to market an employer’s brand to qualified candidates. With recruitment marketing, a company can reach candidates, build brand awareness, and promote the benefits of working for its organization. 


To offer the most value, recruitment marketing should be used throughout the entire recruitment life cycle. Effective recruitment marketing can do the following:


  1. Increase awareness of the company: In today’s job markets, companies can source top-of-funnel candidates from all over the world. To attract top talent, recruiters need to market a company to both active and passive job seekers via videos, social media channels, blogs, and other formats. 

  2. Generate interest in the brand: Once candidates are aware of a company, the focus is shifted to giving prospects the insights and information that will increase their interest in the organization. 

  3. Nurture candidate decisions: At this point, candidates are likely to be more curious about the company, so this is a critical stage of the recruitment marketing funnel.

  4. Encourage candidates to action: Once candidates have an awareness and interest in an organization, the focus shifts to driving candidates to action. Job hunting and applying for jobs are time-consuming, and making the process seamless and easy for candidates is key to encouraging them to proceed through the recruitment funnel. Removing unnecessary steps from the process, excluding excessive tests and questions, and simplifying the sharing of cover letters, job histories, and resumes will encourage follow-through. 




Recruitment marketers can take advantage of iconic memes found on social media. For example, memes can speak to numerous groups of like-minded people and cultures, so they’re ideal for recruitment marketing. By staying on top of what’s trending, employers can tap into pop culture in ways that are challenging to do through traditional marketing. 


Related Terms

Social Media Recruiting

refers to the practice of using social media platforms to network with candidates, share job postings, and research potential qualified job applicants. Social media recruiting can be used to reach passive candidates who are not actively job searching but may welcome a lucrative new opportunity.

Employer Branding Strategy

refers to a company’s plan to influence how potential employees and the market perceives the company as an employer. With an employer branding strategy, an organization can ensure employee retention and higher talent acquisition by controlling and changing the dialogue around the brand.

Recruitment Marketing Funnel

refers to the journey a candidate takes, from becoming aware of an employer to taking action by applying for a position.
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