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Second or On-Site Interview

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Apr 17, 2024
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"Second" or On-Site Interview


In recent years, a hiring manager's first interview with a candidate is typically conducted via telephone or video. The first interview serves to screen applicants. If an applicant proceeds through the interview process, they will be given a second interview, sometimes called an on-site interview. 


The on-site interview is done at the location of the job or at an organization's corporate headquarters. In most instances, candidates are screened by a recruiter or hiring manager, then the on-site interview is conducted by a department supervisor or a hiring team comprised of people who will be working with the candidate.


Some organizations conduct multiple interviews with the same candidate during the on-site interview process. Because the on-site interview requires the use of valuable leadership time, employers usually want to make the most of having the candidate at their location. This is particularly true if a company has paid travel expenses for a candidate. 




A recruiter or hiring manager screens a candidate and feels they will be a good fit for the position. At that point, the candidate will be scheduled for an on-site second interview, where they will meet the program manager or supervisor who will have a say in the final hiring decision. 


Now that remote work and hybrid work are increasingly common, the second or on-site interview might also be conducted via video interviewing tools. Despite not being physically present in the organization's premises, this second interview may still be considered an "on-site" interview for some as it is usually a panel interview that involves more people from the organization, such as the hiring team, potential co-workers or department heads.


The remote video "on-site" interview can have multiple stages and may take longer than a traditional face-to-face interview. It provides the employer with an opportunity to assess a candidate's communication skills, professionalism, and technological readiness, especially critical for remote positions.


Just like the traditional on-site interview, the candidate may be introduced to multiple people within the organization and may need to participate in group discussions or case study presentations. Preparations for a remote second interview should be as thorough as for an in-person interview, with candidates ensuring a quiet and professional-looking environment, testing their equipment, and dressing professionally.


Related Terms

Case Interview

refers to a technique in which a candidate faces challenging business situations that require investigation and solving in a real-time environment.

Group Interview

is a term that refers to an interview that consists of one or more company representatives interviewing multiple candidates simultaneously.

Panel Interview

is a term that refers to a scenario where more than one company representative interviews one applicant. In panel interviews, the company representatives are usually from different departments and can include a human resources team member, hiring manager, and department supervisor for the available position.

Panel Group Interview

is an interview in which more than one company representative interviews two or more candidates concurrently.
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