Reasons to Take Advantage of One-Way Interviews

Learn why so many recruiters choose one-way video interviews to screen candidates.

One Way Interviews Advantages

Use These Features to Enhance Your User Experience

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One of the main reasons why recruiters are adding one-way video interviews, also known as pre-recorded video interviewing, to their hiring method is because of how much it improves the recruitment process. There are many parts of the system designed to do this, making hiring faster and more efficient.

Never Forget to Ask an Important Question

During an interview, it’s easy for a conversation to steer off topic, potentially causing a recruiter to forget to inquire about a certain skill required to do the job. With one-way video interviews, all the questions are set-up in advance, so there’s no chance of a recruiter forgetting to ask a question. This eliminates the need for interviewers following up with a candidate to collect the missed information, which will make the evaluation step smoother.

Recruiter Going over the Questions to Ask an Applicant

Prevent Common Interview Cheating Methods

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Make it almost impossible for candidates to cheat with question randomization. You’ll be able to set up different templates in your pre-recorded video interviewing system, altering what question gets asked when. You can then select randomization of these templates, so it’s unlikely multiple candidates will receive the questions in the same order. This makes it harder for candidates to share what their answers were to each question number, which is a common cheating technique.

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View Your Hiring Progress with Video Interviewing Reports

To see how efficient your recruitment process is, it’s important to compile data and analyze it. Recruiters and hiring managers have access to HR reports in the video interviewing system, which will allow your team to view detailed descriptions of the status of each candidate. These reports are marked with individual activity logs, the candidate’s rating compared to others, and more. Recruitment teams can share this with one another for visual representations of their process, creating a more interactive, collaborative experience.

Video Interviewing Report Dashboard

Make a One-Way Video Interview More Engaging with Video-Based Questions

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Using video-based questions, instead of text-based, is a great way to make the one-way video interview process more engaging for applicants. Adding a message from upper management or a testimonial video from an employee allows your organization to share its culture, illustrate the work environment, and set clear expectations. This system allows you to use introductory videos, questions asked with video, and even conclusion videos.

Add Video to Get the Most out of Your Skills Testing

Having applicants complete a skills test is a great way to determine their qualifications. With one-way video interviewing software, you can use skills testing questions to create a more engaging experience with these assessment tools. Adding video interview responses to a skills test ensures a positive skills testing experience, which can improve your company’s brand.

Applicant Using Her Laptop to Complete a Video Skills Test

Engage, interview and hire top talent, faster, with VidCruiter.

Customized Workflow System

The Customization Available on the Workflow System

By allowing a custom workflow system, recruiters can setup the steps, stages, and processes of their daily tasks exactly how they want them. The flexibility of the platform is made to automate organization, communication, and status changes. Recruiters can also change these settings depending on the job position, and save templates so they don’t have to recreate it with every new hiring project.

Plug-in the Video Interview Tool with Other VidCruiter Products

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Your hiring process is made easier when you use other VidCruiter products with video interviewing software. With one account across all products, consisting of the same data, information, and login information for your team, communication is improved, and your information is better organized.

More Ways One-Way Video Interviewing Can Improve Your Screening Process

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Engage, interview and hire top talent, faster, with VidCruiter.