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Automatically Schedule Any Type of Recruitment Event

Organizations often require multiple events to get scheduled throughout the recruitment process. Our automated scheduling tool enables you to easily schedule any type of event including, phone interviews, live video interviews, in-person interviews, group interviews, in-person training sessions, and more. You have the flexibility to schedule any event that you need.


No More Phone Tag or Long Email Threads

Having to make multiple calls or send a bunch of back-and-forth emails to determine a suitable time is an annoying waste of time for recruiters and applicants alike. With VidCruiter, members of your hiring team simply set their availability and applicants choose the time that suits them best. Scheduling any event is convenient and hassle-free for both parties.

interview scheduler


interview schedule

Everyone Gets the Information That They Need

Once an event is scheduled, all the involved parties are sent the necessary information. You can customize what information is sent and which individuals will receive it. You can even select when the individuals receive their information, allowing you deliver the relevant resources to your interviewers as the candidate is walking in for their interview for example. Whether you need to send Digital Structured Interview guides to your team or important preparation materials to your candidates, everyone will receive the information that they need at the time they need it.


Schedule from Any Device

VidCruiter’s automated scheduling system allows your candidates to schedule their event using any device. Giving your candidates the flexibility to select their preferred time from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone provides them with a more convenient experience.

automated interview scheduling


automated interview scheduler

Integrates With Your Calendar

Our automated scheduler integrates with a variety of online calendars including Google, Outlook, iCloud, Office 365, Exchange and more. You don’t have to worry about blocking off unavailable times in multiple calendars. Once you book something in your calendar, the scheduling system will automatically remove the time from your availability.


Coordinate Multiple Recruitment Events

When using other live interview platforms, you will typically have to deal with having their company’s logo on the screen (not yours) which can distract your candidate and make you look unprofessional. With our live interview platform, your brand can be prominently displayed on the screen throughout the entire interview.

automated interview schedule


interview scheduling software

Easily Manage Your Availability

You can choose to set your availability on a daily basis or copy it for weeks at a time. Custom settings also allow you to adjust your availability to meet specific requirements such as needing a certain amount of notice before an event. If you are too busy, the system will allow other members of your team to manage your calendar as well.


Reminder Notifications

Once you have an event scheduled, how do you make sure everyone shows up on-time? With VidCruiter, you can send an unlimited amount of reminder notifications at any time before an event. Whether it’s a week before, a day before, or even 1 hour before the event, you can decide which parties the notifications are sent to, what timeline they are sent out on, and what message each person will receive.

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