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VidCruiter wasn’t exclusively built for use in the private sector.

As our software started being favored by hiring teams, we quickly realized our recruitment software is also perfect for government agencies.

Easily Handle Unique Needs

We realize government bodies and departments have different needs from private sector businesses or companies. We will work with you to discover what software would benefit your department the most to meet your needs.

Certified and Secured for your Safety

When a government is choosing any software, a primary point of interest lies in the level of security and certifications offered by the company. Security has always been a priority for VidCruiter, that’s why when starting the company, these requirements were filled almost immediately.

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Simplify a Complicated Hiring Process

The recruitment process in government agencies can be a lot more complicated than conventional hiring procedures. One way VidCruiter can help speed this up is by removing many of the traditional recruitment methods including meeting in person and reaching to the applicant to schedule an interview. Security audits can also be added, saving even more time for agencies with many clearances.

Multi-Use Options Available

VidCruiter has many different products to make sure your hiring process is efficient and cost-effective. Whether you need video interviewinginterview scheduling, or automated reference checking, VidCruiter has the perfect product for any government body.

Works With All Levels of Government

No matter where you work in government, VidCruiter can work for you. We have clients in all levels of government, including municipal, state/provincial and federal.

Discover Everything VidCruiter has to Offer

Scrolling through VidCruiter’s recruitment software is a great way to find out how we can benefit your government agency. See what software we offer to help automate your recruitment process at every step.

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“I receive a response to an email or voice mail in a matter of minutes. If they do not have the answer right away, they acknowledge the inquiry and get back in a reasonable amount of time. My dealings are mostly with our rep and the service is always friendly, intelligent and professional. Great customer service! The software is easy to use and I find the different pages well displayed/easy to read. The VidCruiter recruitment software is 100 times better than the other application my company used.”

Lynn O'Donnell

Executive Assistant
Government Administration

“We used VidCruiter to help us recruit, and manage over 300 volunteers.It became clear very quickly that an online method would save time in the application process, and improve communications with the volunteers throughout the whole process.”

Chris Robicheau

Chair of Volunteers for the 2013 and 2014 Canadian Track and Field Championships
Government of New Brunswick

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