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VidCruiter wasn’t exclusively built for use in the private sector

While recruiting for jobs within the government can prove to be slightly more complex than in private companies due to strict processes and high labor demands, the accelerated development of VidCruiter’s user interface and security standards over the years, along with the consistent implementation of additional features has ensured that the platform is versatile and robust enough to serve clients in the private and public sectors alike. In fact, one of our fastest growing verticals in recruitment is government agencies at the municipal, county, state, provincial and federal levels.   

VidCruiter offers a comprehensive recruitment software solution that works for all levels of government. No matter what department or agency you are hiring for, or the complexity of the position you’re trying to fill, VidCruiter can help you effectively streamline your recruiting while producing the best possible employees and respecting your budgets.

10 Common recruitment challenges in Public Administration and Government

 1. Governments and Public Administration Have Different Recruitment Needs Than Companies in the Private Sector

We realize government agencies and various federal and state departments have different needs than businesses in the private sector, and within the government itself, needs can vary significantly from one level or department to another.

Solution: Easily Handle Unique Government NeedsBusiness man and woman signing papers

VidCruiter works with Government agencies to discover what software tools would benefit your department the most to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s an applicant tracking system, pre-recorded or live video interviewing, automated reference checking or skills testing,  the VidCruiter recruiting platform works with your team to build the exact workflow needed by government recruiters to achieve their goals in an efficient and cost-effective way.

 2. Government Agencies Collect and Store Sensitive Data and Have Higher Than Average Security Standards

More so than ever before, government agencies and private companies alike need to be wary of how they collect, handle and store applicant data. With new regulations coming into effect around the world, restrictions and best practices have become much harder to ignore, and penalties for organizations who fail to comply have increased significantly. In the case of public administration, an extensive amount of data is collected from applicants throughout the hiring process and for that reason, security is a top priority at all levels of government.

Solution: Certified and Secure Recruitment Software to Meet Government Online Safety Standards

When a government is choosing any software provider, a primary point of interest lies in the level of security and certifications offered by the company. Security has always been a priority for VidCruiter, and we are constantly updating our security and privacy policies to ensure compliance to the most recent and up-to-date regulations. VidCruiter employees go through rigorous security training and our software has been accredited with multiple security certifications (link to security page)

 3. Complex Recruitment Processes and Above-Average Hiring Benchmarks

Government agencies generally have robust processes which must be followed to the letter. More often than not, there are multiple hiring managers and various levels of review and approvals to go through before being considered for a position in the public sector. Government organizations are equal opportunity employers and tend to have strict processes in place for handling job applications so that if questioned, the organization has data to prove it gave all applicants a fair opportunity at getting the job.

Solution: Streamline a Complicated Hiring Process with Customizable Recruitment Software and Gather Critical Applicant Data to Solidify Your Hiring Decisions

Combine different VidCruiter products to implement the workflow that works best for you. By automating tasks that get repetitive like applicant communication or updates, VidCruiter will help you navigate a complex process and help speed up mundane tasks that are holding you back. Our customer success team will consult with you on an ongoing basis and share best practices to ensure you achieve your recruitment goals.  

 4. Some Government Agencies Have Difficulties Implementing a Standardized Structured Interview Process

All or most government recruiting teams have structured rating guides at their disposal but many of them struggle with adoption of those guides across the board because they are generally not easy to enforce.

Solution: The Vidcruiter Platform Facilitates Your Adoption of Structured Rating Guides Across All Users

Want to make sure all your applicants are given a fair and equal chance? Make the use of structured digital interview guides mandatory across your government department. Not only will you guarantee you’re hiring the best possible people for the job, but you are also collecting concrete data to support your decisions in the process. This method works across all our products and makes it very easy to track which guides are being used by whom, and for which positions, so you can hold your staff accountable.

5. The Traditional Governmental Recruitment Process Tends to Rely on the Use of Excessive Amounts of Paper  

For example, a single department of the Canadian government, Environment Canada, managed to save approximately 50,000 sheets of paper by implementing VidCruiter’s automated reference checking system for one of their hiring initiatives.  

Solution: Make Your Governmental Hiring Process Entirely Paperless!Black laptop and phone on top of a desk

VidCruiter’s recruiting software will help your government department transition seamlessly to a completely paperless hiring workflow. No more screening through countless resumes and taking interview notes on paper, the VidCruiter platform enables your team to digitize the entire interview process and boost productivity at the same time!

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6. High Volumes of Applicants for Government Jobs

Government job postings tend to get higher than average response rates and HR departments are often flooded with applications. While the traditional recruitment process can work well when hiring on a small scale, high volume recruitment operations such as government agencies benefit from leveraging technology to help with the tracking, screening and interviewing stages of recruitment.

Solution: Automate Tedious and Time Consuming Tasks, and Improve the Efficiency Where it Matters

By eliminating, or rather automating, some of the more tedious and time consuming steps in the traditional governmental recruitment process, I.e. reaching out to applicants to schedule interviews, playing phone tag with references or ranking and filtering based on minimum requirements, VidCruiter helps by drastically reducing time-to-hire. Automate notifications, progress updates and rejection emails to cut down on admin work while you focus on the important stuff: interviewing top candidates.  

7. Necessary Background and Reference Checks Are Conducted

Most government organizations will conduct background and reference checks on all employees. Without the proper structures and tools in place, it does not make sense to perform these checks on all the applicants from both time and cost perspectives.

Page saying Background Check with a pen on it

Solution: Stop Chasing References, Automate Your Mandatory Background and Reference Checks!

VidCruiter’s automated reference checking system saves you time by not having to reach out to previous employers individually to get the Information you need. You won’t need to play phone tag or cater to your references’ schedules, applicant schedules, or deal with no-shows.

8. At the Municipal Level: Limited or Outdated HR Tech Stack

Municipal governments who weren’t early adopters in HR technology naturally tend suffer from outdated recruitment practices that can hinder productivity and tend to produce inconsistent quality employees.  

Solution: Implement an Applicant Tracking System to Organize Your Talent Pipeline and Customize the Workflow to Your Exact Needs

Model your recruitment process to your exact needs by customizing each step and stage based on your requirements and the reviews, clearances and approvals that are needed. From scoring, sorting, filtering and ranking within your applicant tracking system, to initial video screening interviews, to background and reference checks at the click of a button, VidCruiter has the tools you need. Implement a structured interview methodology throughout and double your odds of hiring the right person.

9. At the State Level: Hiring via Search Committees, Difficult Collaboration Within Hiring Teams

The more finalists and interviewers involved, the more difficult it becomes to accommodate the schedules of all parties. Too much time is wasted playing phone tag and going back and forth with long email threads. Furthermore, with no proper process or collaborative structure in place, the collective data gathered by committees is hard to measure.

Solution: Virtual Panel Interviews and Shareable Applicant Profiles  Conference room with a iPad and a TV on the wall

Easily conduct panel interviews via live video conference, and share candidate profiles with team members to get their input if they were not able to attend the live interview. Beyond that, add structure to your panel interviews with interview guides and rating scales, and ensure there is no personal bias by having multiple people scoring applicants based on the exact same criteria.

10. At the Federal Level: Candidates From All Over the Country

Travel expenses, coordinating time zone differences, extensive recruitment processes and an on-going labor demand ends up costing federal HR departments huge amounts of money.

Solution: Video Interviewing and Recruitment Automation Save HR Departments Countless Hours

Coupled with the most advanced video interviewing software on the market, the automated scheduler, automated reference checking system, and skills testing platform are huge time savers. Keep federal recruitment budgets in line by reducing time-to-fill and travel costs both for applicants and recruiters.  

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