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A Video Interview Platform Built for Your Bilingual or Canada-Based Organization

Discover the Benefits of Working With a Canadian-Owned Video Interviewing Company

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VidCruiter is proud to be a Canadian company!

Headquartered in Moncton, New Brunswick, VidCruiter is honored to serve a variety of Canadian businesses from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast.

Video Interviewing Software That is Fully Hosted in Canada

Different international laws mean companies need to be conscious about where to host data for any online software. In Canada for example, the PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) outlines how organizations must handle and protect the data they collect and store. VidCruiter has Canada-based servers to ensure that all data storage for every product, including video interviewing, reference check software, and applicant tracking adheres to the requirements of any Canadian business.

A Bilingual Video Hiring Platform for Canadians

Every VidCruiter product is available in both official languages, English and Français. Clients can select the language of their choice when utilizing the online interviewing platform. Bilingual positions can also quickly be set up to comply with legal requirements that allow candidates to apply in the language of their choice.

All demo presentations, client training and support, and applicant assistance are available in either Français, English, or a combination of both.

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Contracts Are Always in Canadian Dollars

When purchasing software from an international vendor, your contract is often based on their currency. If the Canadian Dollar drops, your payments which are billed in another currency can end up costing you significantly more. With VidCruiter, there is no need to worry about fluctuating foreign exchange rates as every Canadian client is always billed in Canadian Dollars.

Un Logiciel D’Entretien Vidéo Complet Pour Les Entreprises Canadiennes Françaises

Avec le logiciel d’entretien vidéo de VidCruiter, vous pouvez avoir un processus d’embauche complètement en français. Votre équipe de ressources humaines et vos candidats auront une expérience entièrement française. Étant donné que la majorité de l’équipe de VidCruiter sont parfaitement bilingue, le soutien des clients et des candidats en français est toujours disponible.

Optimized Hiring for Every Level of the Canadian Government

We work with more than just businesses and organizations in the private sector. VidCruiter provides hiring solutions for a variety of government departments at all three levels, municipal, provincial/territorial, and federal.

The Perfect System for Hiring Canadian Veterans

Military men and women from Canada are known globally for their skills, leadership, and dedication. The Canadian government offers several programs to help former military veterans have a smooth transition into civilian life, including assisting them to find employment. VidCruiter’s video hiring and applicant tracking products can help businesses efficiently find the Canadian veteran with the right skill set for their company. By contacting Veterans Affairs Canada and utilizing VidCruiter’s software, companies will find it easier to recruit veterans. The process will become more convenient and streamlined for the former military personnel seeking employment.

Built for All Types of Canadian Businesses

Is your business large or small? Do you only need to hire locally or are you recruiting across Canada? Regardless of your situation, VidCruiter’s video interviewing software is the right solution for your hiring needs. The flexibility of the VidCruiter platform ensures that any Canadian organization’s human resource team will have the best available tools to optimize their recruitment process.

Engage, interview and hire top talent, faster, with VidCruiter.