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Hiring for Your Legal Office? Consider Video Interviewing.

Recruiting Lawyers with Video Interview Software

Find and hire highly-qualified candidates for legal positions

Law is a wide-ranging sector that employs all kinds of professionals including lawyers, paralegals, solicitors, barristers, law clerks, arbitrators, notaries, legal assistants and more.

Law recruitment varies considerably depending on whether you’re hiring for positions in court or in law firms, as well as the size of your firm. Boutique law firms, for example, don’t always have the same needs as international heavy hitters.

Hiring needs also vary depending on law specialization:

  • Litigation
  • Criminal law
  • Business and corporate law
  • Intellectual property law
  • Labor law
  • Environmental law
  • Cybersecurity and information law
  • International law
  • Family law
  • Real estate

Extending Your Legal Team

The fluctuating nature of legal caseloads means it’s important to identify a pool of talent before hiring needs arises. What talent does your firm anticipate needing in the next six, 12, 18, and 24 months? Start recruiting well in advance of the actual need. You may want to consider alternatives to traditional full-time staff, such as hiring contract lawyers or law students as interns.

Gravel82% of law firms and corporate legal departments are using contract lawyers.

GraduationOver 30,000 law graduates to choose from each year.

How Can Video Interviewing Help You Recruit Attorneys and Associates?

VidCruiter Live Interviewing Software

Video interviewing helps you save valuable time. Afterall, time is money and every billable hour adds up.

VidCruiter can help you recruit top talent in a fraction of the time. Instead of wasting time meeting in-person with candidates who don’t meet industry regulations or your high expectations, watch pre-recorded videos—on your time and on your terms.

Pre-recorded video interviews greatly accelerate early screening stages. When coupled with skills testing, you can quickly and accurately assess paralegals.

Online hiring software makes campus and internship recruiting, and panel interviews easier while allowing you to better understand applicants with minimal time commitments.

Once you’re convinced it’s worth your time to meet face-to-face, meet digitally with live video interviewing. Thanks to automation and customizable workflows, you’ll save more money and even more time.

Challenges When Recruiting Lawyers

Without the right hires, your law firm or corporation can lose credibility with clients and the public. Unhappy clients may even file a grievance to the bar. Too much is at stake to shortchange hiring efforts, yet it’s often very difficult to find the right people for the job.

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Top Skills of Successful Law Professionals

Not everyone has what it takes to succeed in the world of law. What kinds of competencies and accreditations are you looking for when hiring a lawyer?

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You’ve got a job to do.

You don’t need to play tech support, too.

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Looking to Recruit Top Legal Talent?

VidCruiter helps people like you hire lawyers and paralegals, as well as legal support staff and law firm consultants.

Ask us how we can help modernize and fine-tune your recruitment process.

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