Hiring Software Replaces Outdated Screening Methods for Law Offices

Screen and Qualify Lawyers and Paralegals in Half the Time with Recruitment Software!

VidCruiter has worked with law firms all over the globe to help source, screen and hire top talent, as well as streamline the efficiency of their hiring processes

With tools like applicant tracking, automated reference checking and scheduling, along with the most advanced video hiring platform on the market today, VidCruiter has the best solutions to maximize your talent acquisition team’s productivity.

Save the Partners’ Time with Live and Asynchronous Interviews

Law firms save time

It’s no secret that when it comes to senior lawyers, time is money! Taking time out of their busy schedule to weigh in on every single interview has a significant cost associated to it. Streamlining the entire recruitment workflow with tools like live and pre-recorded video interviewing will allow partners to meet, identify and hire top candidates much faster, and get back to what’s important.

Screen and Identify Top Students and Paralegals in Half the Time

Hire the best employees in record time

There’s usually no shortage of applicants for student and paralegal positions in a well established legal practice. In fact, often times, 50 to 75% of applicants end up not even making it passed the early screening stages. With video hiring, you can filter through your applicant pool much quicker and qualify or disqualify candidates based on their competencies without actually having to spend much time with each applicant individually. Need to test a paralegal candidate’s skills? No problem, with VidCruiter skills testing tool, you can incorporate custom skills tests at any stage of the interview process. Don’t worry, you can always get the partners’ input on a candidate by sharing the recorded interviews or profile links with them, the beauty of VidCruiter is that the partners won’t have to waste their time sitting in on full days of interviews.

Get a Total Analysis of Your Candidates with Video Profiles

Get the overall picture of each applicant

Lawyers tend to have a very specific and elaborate skill set. With VidCruiter’s video interviewing software, it’s easy to get a complete analysis of your candidate before committing to an in-person interview. Evaluate your candidate’s attitude, demeanor, linguistic skills and even his level of professionalism with pre-recorded and/or live video interviews.

Conduct Online Panel Interviews with Ease

Online panel interviews

It is not uncommon for law firms to review and evaluate candidates via panel interviews. Often times, some or all of the partners want to have some level of input in hiring decisions. With VidCruiter’s online interview platform, you can easily conduct online panel interviews without having to incur the loss of time and costs associated with the traditional interview process. Whether a fellow evaluator or senior partner wants to join a live video conference in real-time, or take a few minutes to watch and score a one-way video interview, VidCruiter’s tools can help save a considerable amount of time and money, and allow the partners to focus on the important tasks at hand.

Improve Predictive Validity with a Competency-Based Rating Guides

Objectively rate applicants

Make sure your candidates are evaluated on a level playing field. A proper structured interview process with competency-based rating guides can help eliminate unconscious bias, protect your firm from discrimination lawsuits, and increase the predictive validity of your hiring process by a significant margin.

Check your Candidate’s References Without Picking Up the Phone

Automated reference checking

Reference checking is often an integral part of the hiring process for law firms. In some cases, asking a candidate for one or two references might not be enough. With VidCruiter’s automated reference checking software, you can ask your applicants for as many references as you need and gain more accurate and insightful information without having to worry about spending countless hours coordinating the process.

The Most Secure Network to Host Your Data

Highly secure data hosting

The security of your personal data is of utmost importance to us at VidCruiter. We take the necessary measures to ensure that your information is stored and handled in the most secure environment possible. These measures include malware protection, encryption, detection of social engineering attacks, and access controls.

Make Your Hiring Process Entirely Paperless

Paperless workflow

VidCruiter’s recruiting software will help your firm transition seamlessly to a completely paperless hiring workflow. No more screening through countless resumes and taking interview notes on paper, the VidCruiter platform enables your team to digitize the entire interview process and boost productivity at the same time!

Learn More About VidCruiter’s Work with Law Firms

VidCruiter works with law firms to optimize every stage of the hiring process. From filtering and prequalifying within our applicant tracking system, to screening and evaluating with pre-recorded and live interviews, to scheduling and checking references automatically, VidCruiter’s recruitment software gives your talent acquisition team everything that they need to make better hires in the most timely and cost-effective way.

Engage, interview and hire top talent, faster, with VidCruiter.