Do You Find It Hard to Arrange Meetings with Your Recruitment Team?

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Why Is It Hard for an Entire Team of Recruiters to Find Time for a Team Meeting

It’s important for recruiters working together to be on the same page. But sometimes that becomes difficult as other tasks start piling up. As recruiters become busier, it’s less likely they’ll show up for team meetings.

Below, we’ll read about a recruiter who is having difficulty getting their team together for a meeting and the solution that will solve this problem.

Alice walked into her company’s boardroom with arms full of snacks, coffee, and her notebook. There’s a meeting that day with all the recruiters in the Human Resource Department and as the lead recruiter, it was her responsibility to get everything ready. That included gathering the snacks, setting up the coffee, and getting the powerpoint presentation on the overhead screen.

People started piling in while Alice was setting up, but by the time the meeting was supposed to begin, she noticed that not nearly enough people had arrived. She gave it five more minutes, just in case some people were running late, but no one else came. When she checked the calendar invite she sent out, she saw about half of the people who were supposed to be at this mandatory meeting RSVP’d “Not Attending.”

This wasn’t the first time this happened to Alice in recent months. The company has been ramping up recruitment efforts in an attempt to expand the sales department. Many different recruiters were tasked with hiring for a variety of sales positions, meaning they have become much more busy trying to meet all the deadlines. Many were even not attending essential meetings because they didn’t have time and they didn’t want to leave their desks and risk missing an important email or phone call.

Alice decided to stop wasting the time of the people who did arrive and started the presentation, knowing she’ll have to do it all over again with the people who didn’t come, which will force her to spend more time than she wanted on this meeting. She was busy, too, but she knew the information from this meeting was important for all her coworkers to understand. She wondered if there was a way that would make it easier for her busier coworkers to comes to meetings like this one.

Live Video Interviews Allows Everyone to Connect for Important Meetings Regardless of Their Location

She may not know it yet, but there is a solution to Alice’s problem. Live video interviewing software works for non-recruiting tasks, too. Alice can use the software to have a conference call with all her coworkers. Everyone can connect at their desks, so if something urgent comes up, it’s easy for employees to deal with it then and there. This also works for employees who are traveling or work from home. Anyone can connect from anywhere with an internet connection using a computer, mobile device or tablet. The software also includes screen sharing, so everyone would be able to see Alice’s presentation clearly.

If for some reason someone still wasn’t able to make the meeting, the video interviewing software allows Alice to record it and send it to the absentee employees, so she doesn’t have to make the same presentation multiple times.

It can be a major challenge to coordinate a meeting where every member of the hiring team can participate. Register for a product demo to learn how VidCruiter’s recruitment software will not only help your hiring team find better quality candidates but also provide a hassle-free way to conduct team meetings.

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