Have You Ever Been Distracted by an Interruption During a Phone Interview?

Make distractions a thing of the past

Why It Can Be Hard for Recruiters to Complete Phone Interviews Without Distractions

Phone interviews are proven to be an insufficient method for screening candidates, with far too many distractions and complications. Over the past few years, recruiters have grown tired of the lack of results, and have abandoned this method for a proven solution.

No matter how hard we might try, in today’s workplace it is near impossible to find complete peace and quiet. This is a huge problem for recruiters like Michelle when she needs to conduct phone interviews, and knows how important it is for her to remain professional.

The last time Michelle conducted phone screens, she did what she usually does: put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on her office door, closed all potentially distracting windows on her computer, and silenced her cell phone. Feeling distraction-free, Michelle began her phone interviews. About halfway through the first call, however, she heard a knock at the door and became concerned — surely someone would not knock if she had put up the sign unless it was extremely important?

Next, her cell phone starts lighting up, and then pop-ups on her computer. All of a sudden, Michelle is far away from the conversation she is having with her applicant on the phone, and she’s now worried about everything going on around her. She tries to stay focused but keeps wondering about the urgency of her surroundings.

This is not the first time Michelle has experienced this issue while phone interviewing. This happens almost every time, and every time she finished her interviews wondering if she missed something important, or if the candidate noticed how disengaged she had been.

With One-Way Video Software You Will Never Be Distracted During a Screening Interview Again

Michelle’s issue is one that just about any recruiter can easily relate to. Even the most focused of us experience unavoidable workplace distractions and worry about overlooking the best candidate for the position we are trying to fill because of distractions.

Recruiters are now using one-way video interviewing software, a system that allows candidates to record their given questions at home, allowing Michelle to watch the video answers from their office. Recruiters are switching to this system because while watching the video interview, it’s easy to pause, rewind, or fast forward if any urgent distractions come up. Now, if Michelle needs to pause or put an interview aside for later, she simply logs back into the system as the videos are kept on file for later.

This method has a much more professional approach and, candidates usually can tell when the person interviewing them is distracted, and the use of modern technology gives the company an innovative appeal.

This ensures that the interviewer catches all the answers, allowing them to determine the best possible fit for the job.

Unfortunately, for most recruiters, dealing with distractions during a screening interview is far to commonplace. Sign up for a live demo today to find out how VidCruiter’s recruitment software makes it easier to overcome any interruption and remain completely focused on each candidate that you are reviewing.