Have you ever been on a first date and the person is nothing like what you expected? Yeah you have. Your date lacks personality. They clearly have different values than you. And while they might be the perfect match for someone else, they’re simply not a good fit for YOU.

Just like you don’t want to waste a bunch of time going on dates with people who aren’t compatible with you, you don’t want to spend hours interviewing people who aren’t right for the role.  

How can we fast-track the process to weed out those who are incompatible sooner so we can get in front of those who are?

The Perils of Online Profiles 

Online dating mirrors online hiring in many ways. Both are complicated by similar challenges. For one, it’s often difficult to trust the information we read because people can easily hide behind the screen. At best, online profiles are one-dimensional; at worst, they’re flat-out misleading.

On dating sites/apps, people lie about their age, weight, height, or even marital status. On resumes, people embellish their education, work history, or skill sets. They don’t tell the whole story. Eventually we discover someone isn’t as great as we believed them to be, and that’s when disappointment creeps in.

There’s gotta be a better way.

The Power of Virtual Interviews in Matchmaking

If a photo is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 10,000 words. That’s when you really start to see someone.

Online interviews help expose lies and embellishments by adding an extra layer of realness, coming close to what we’d experience in real life. There’s eye contact. We can hear inflection in a candidate’s voice. There are facial expressions and there’s body language, which all help us make better informed decisions. 

People want to see photos and videos of potential suitors, and hiring managers want to see more multi-dimensional aspects of job applicants, too. A video conference is your chance to authenticate candidates in ways words on a resume or online profile simply cannot.

Bonus: while most interviews evoke stress, video interviewing allows candidates to find some semblance of ease because they’re being interviewed in a space of their choosing. This encourages candidates to let down their guard and show a more authentic version of themselves.

Whether you’re a recruiter, an employer, a job seeker or a single person looking for love, we all want—no, need—to know the real person behind the profile. Video interviewing allows us to connect with people face-to-face even at a distance, collecting more information than we ever could with a flat resume or text-based profile. It’s one of the absolute best ways to pre-qualify candidates.

Asking the Right Questions 

Be it the perfect hire or a potential partner, there’s no time for people who play head games. That’s why it’s so important to ask the right questions early on. 

The right questions depend on what you’re looking for: some people only want a one-night stand and some employers are just looking for temporary workers. Others want a long-term match, someone who will commit. Getting crystal clear about what you want helps you customize your questions. 

Digital structured interviews are backed by science to help you find a better mate. Ask the same questions to all candidates (or the same question in multiple ways), watching for inconsistencies or red flags in candidates’ responses. 

Asking the right questions will reveal turn-offs. For example, does the candidate seem to care more about what’s in it for them than what they can bring to the table? Total deal breaker. A good partner makes us feel like we’re part of something greater than ourselves—part of a team.

On the flip side, strategic interview questions also illuminate turn-ons. Some candidates possess the unique qualities you’re looking for: a winning personality, confidence without arrogance, and enough experience to do a job well.

Shortlisting Candidates—Professionally & Personally 

Not all candidates are created equal. Why do we fall in love with some candidates and not others?

When it comes to shortlisting candidates, the VidCruiter team recommends asking a friend or two. Do they think you’d be a good match? Ask them who on your shortlist would be the best fit, and trust those who are willing to vouch for the candidate. VidCruiter’s online platform makes it easy for you to share videos and seek out other people’s opinions, which might be less biased than your own.

But remember: there are plenty of fish in the sea, and there’s no shortage of people looking for work. Don’t get desperate. Take time to find the right fit. 

One way of doing this is through online skills testing. Like dating, sometimes the perfect meeting means not having to leave the house. You tried Netflix and Chill. It’s time for Netflix and Skills. Try testing candidates online to see if they’re worth their salt—before you waste time meeting them in person!

Investing in the Right Partner 

You’ve heard the old adage “you get what you pay for”—and it’s true. Sure, some online dating sites and apps are free to use, BUT they have a negative reputation for attracting undesirable partners. For this reason, many people opt for paid sites. 

The same is true with professional online hiring sites. Could you try using Skype or Zoom for video interviews? Well, yeah. But at what cost? A dedicated virtual interviewing platform like VidCruiter offers total flexibility, allowing you to customize each and every aspect of the recruiting process to your exact wants and needs.

Finding the Perfect Match

Hiring someone for a job is like finding the perfect mate. Once you’ve got a good feeling about someone, the next step is to meet in person. But finding time to meet can be challenging, especially for busy professionals. Leave it to VidCruiter’s scheduling tool, which easily arranges a mutually-convenient time for all parties.

Whether you’re an HR professional or someone looking for love, we all want to find “the one,” someone who helps us solve problems and feel better about where we’re headed—as a team.

VidCruiter can help you find and attract candidates you’ll love.