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Generation Z

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Apr 17, 2024
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Generation Z


Generation Z, also known as post-Millennials, refers to the group of people born between the years of 1997 and 2012 (aged 10 to 24 in 2023). Generation Z consists of digital natives, meaning they grew up in the digital technology and information age, and most cannot remember a time without the World Wide Web and computers. The majority of Generation Z are also smartphone digital natives and are highly digitally literate. 


Stanford research suggests that Generation Z has these desirable traits:


  • Natively digitally literate

  • An understanding of politics, global events, and issues such as climate change, racism, sexism, and gender discrimination

  • Highly social and collaborative

  • Value flexibility, authenticity, relevance, and non-hierarchical leadership

  • A greater appreciation for diversity and people around the world due to growing up with unlimited access to information and media depicting most world cultures

  • Self-reliant because of unfettered access to powerful digital tools 

  • Comfortable with constant change and a world that operates at speed, scope, and scale

  • Assertive when it comes to finding their own unique identities

  • Creative with making money in alternative ways, such as blogging, vlogging, being influencers, or working in the gig economy

Generational cutoff dates are not an exact science. The definition of the ages and dates of specific generations vary depending on the study or institution providing the data. For this glossary term, Pew Research was used as a guideline. 




It’s common for people in previous generations to criticize members of Generation Z for not having a “real job” or learning to drive at an earlier age. However, Generation Z has ready access to ride-sharing apps such as Lyft and Uber. 


In terms of earning money, Generation Z is fully cognizant of the fact that there are countless ways to make a living outside of the world of brick-and-mortar businesses. Because they have grown up in a fast-moving world with constant change, Generation Z is arguably one of the most flexible generations in recent memory. 


Related Terms


is another term used to refer to Generation Z.

Silent Generation

refers to the generation born between 1928-1945.

Baby Boomers

refers to the generation born between 1946-1964.

Generation X

refers to the generation born between 1965-1980.


refer to the generation born between 1981-1996.

Generation Alpha

is the generation that follows Generation Z, beginning in 2013.
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